Double Bottoms-Up Clean and Press


If you’ve trained with kettlebells before, not only are you a trendsetter, but you’re also probably getting sick of the same old swings. Steve Cotter, president of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, developed this exercise to challenge more experienced kettlebell lifters.
• Stand straddling a kettlebell.
• Squat down and grasp the handle firmly, keeping your chest up and back flat.
• In one explosive motion, perform a one-arm clean by extending your knees and hips, dropping underneath the weight and catching the kettlebell in a “bottoms-up” position in which the bottom of the kettlebell faces the ceiling
• Once you’ve established control in this position, press the kettlebell straight up overhead, still in the bottoms-up position, by dipping down slightly with the hips and exploding upward while extending the elbow.
• Lower the kettlebell back to the floor along the same arc, then repeat with the other arm.
• Alternate arms every other rep.