Don’t Get Bigheaded


Ever thought that you’d be more focused on your fitness goals if your brain weren’t so damn big? Well, there might be something to that, according to a recent study published in TheJournal of Neuroscience. Researchers at University College London tested 15 volunteers on their levels of distractibility, then imaged their brains using a structural MRI scanner. The most easily distracted subjects tended to have more grey matter in the left superior parietal lobe region of their brains. When researchers followed up using a hand-held magnet that dampened brain activity in that specific lobe, they found that the easily distracted folks improved performance on a timed task by 25 percent. Now the Brits are experimenting with electrodes transmitting small electrical currents that may help those with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder improve their attention spans. The potential bad news? You won’t have any more excuses when your wife asks, “Are you listening to me?”