Divorced But Diesel


The end of a marriage is just about always a downer, but science has discovered one upside. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in December 2010, men’s fitness levels tend to drop during marriage. Meanwhile, when they get divorced, their physiology heads in the opposite direction. That’s what researchers from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute found after three years of following 6,900 men (and 1,971 women) at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas. In the most diplomatic way he possibly could, lead researcher Francisco B. Ortega explained the finding to Reuters Health: “This study provides for the first time evidence that marital transitions are [an] important social stimulus that can influence fitness.” Yes, that’s one way to say it. Another is, married dudes let themselves go. Divorced dudes hit the gym so they can attract, um, new wives? Oh well, whatever gets ya motivated.