Control Freak


You not only want to manage your weight, but you also want to control how you feel while you’re cutting body fat. And on top of that, reducing cravings for foods that sabotage your diet is necessary if you want to be successful at getting lean while maintaining your hard-earned muscle mass. Consider the following supplements when you want to accomplish this tricky feat. 

Green-Coffee Extract: This supplement helps prevent the body from storing carbs as body fat, putting them to use to fuel workouts and other activities. It also cues the body to release fat from storage when you’re training, which helps reduce the desire for more calories. In addition, research shows that green-coffee extract helps blunt the impact of glucose, keeping blood sugar in check — a good thing when you’re trying to shed body fat. 

Avena Sativa: This extract from oats has testosterone-boosting effects that help you feel energized and can spare muscle tissue while you’re following a calorie-restricted nutrition plan. Avena sativa contains a form of saponins that encourage the release of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the testicles, causing them to produce more testosterone. 

Caffeine: When it comes to jump-starting workouts while consuming fewer calories, caffeine is the gold standard. Caffeine not only suppresses appetite but also makes you stronger when taken before workouts. (The anhydrous form is best.) In addition, caffeine helps the body release fat from storage, fueling muscles for better workouts.

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