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Change is Good


The Question: I tend to do the same workouts over and over. I know I need to change things up, but how?

The Expert: Christa McLane, an amateur figure competitor living in Dubuque, Iowa; Overall Open Figure Champion at the 2012 Best of the 

Midwest Physique and Strength championships in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Answer: “Switching up your routine is easy,” McLane says. “Every month, change your exercises, add in some drop sets and/or finish your bodypart routines with isolation moves. For example, on back, after three sets of narrow-grip pulldowns, do two sets of straight-arm pulldowns (an isolation exercise) with high reps of 15 to 18. Another way to change up your training is by using slow and controlled reps (assuming you aren’t already). The key to growing is not by flying through your sets. Use lighter weights with slower movement — four seconds on the way up, four seconds on the way down — for the same number of reps.”