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Brain & Brawn


Not only should you think before you speak; it’s also a good idea to think before you train. Increasing focus and boosting memory can translate to benefits in the gym (beyond improved ability to remember what set you’re on). The following supplements will help get your brain in the game.

This water-soluble nutrient helps maintain cell-membrane integrity throughout the body and is an important precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter primarily responsible for signaling muscle contractions and a number of other processes in the brain. Supplementing with choline not only helps boost memory but also improves the force of muscle contractions.

Huperzine-A helps protect the acetylcholine you have in your brain, making it a great companion to choline. Taking them together before workouts will help keep your body and brain humming while you train. 

This naturally occurring phospholipid plays an important role in neuronal growth. The supplemental form of phosphatidylserine can cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to directly affect production of acetylcholine, norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, all crucial brain chemicals that play a role in memory, focus and learning. 

This amino acid, found in green tea, has been shown to improve mood and boost mental performance, especially when taken with caffeine. In addition, theanine supports growth-hormone release and boosts release of GABA, an important inhibitory neurotransmitter. Normally, we recommend taking it at night because it aids sleep, but because it enhances caffeine’s effects, it’s also beneficial before workouts.