Bolder Holder

Girl power aside, there are reasons why being a woman is more, well, let’s say challenging. One of them has to do with how to sufficiently restrain our, well, let’s say bust when working out. In the past, the answer has been to wriggle into a nylon/spandex boob tube and hope for the best. But that all changed with a foreign discovery. Anita is a German company with almost 140 years of lingerie-making experience, and while its sports bras haven’t been around quite that long, they clearly benefit from the company’s years of experience supporting women. Our favorite is the Sports Bra 5527, which despite its uninspiring name, sports straps that don’t dig or slip, even though it clasps in the back. It comes in sizes from 30 to 46, B to H, so just about everyone can enjoy exemplary support, hold and comfort, leaving the, let’s say, momentum where it should be: in your lifts.