Blast Your Way to Gains

Testosterone is the male hormone involved in building muscle mass, but maintaining ideal levels is also necessary for a sense of well-being and sexual function, as well as keeping body fat under control. Consider these supplements when trying to increase natural levels of the potent hormone. 

Tribulus Terrestris 
This herb has been used for centuries to help treat male sexual dysfunction. Tribulus works by encouraging the pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone, which tells the testes to produce more testosterone. In addition, Tribulus may help free up existing testosterone that’s bound by sex hormone-binding globulin; it also promotes libido for better sexual performance. 

The saponins in fenugreek help boost production of free testosterone, the type required for muscle building. It works by boosting LH and helping to free testosterone from SHBG. 

Avena Sativa 
This extract from oats provides a high amount of avenacosides, saponins similar to those found in Tribulus and fenugreek, and they work well in conjunction with the other testosterone boosters on this list, also increasing production of LH and helping free up testosterone from SHBG.

This fungus stimulates the Leydig cells in testicles to increase T production, and it also increases ATP production and improves cardio capacity and oxygen utilization. The net result is that you’ll be able to build more muscle mass, and you’ll train harder. 

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