Beat Heat … The Slushie Way


Sports scientists have long known that lowering core body temperature can boost endurance — hence the special “cooling vest” Nike had athletes wear before events at the humid 2008 Beijing Olympics — but there’s never been a cheap, practical way to do it. Now, new research out of New Zealand suggests it’s actually quite simple: Drink a slushie. When 10 male subjects downed one instead of cold water, they were able to run 10 minutes longer (50 minutes versus 40) on a treadmill in a hot room. Why? Apparently, the slushie drinkers’ heart rates rose at a slower rate — their tickers weren’t as busy pumping blood out to the skin for cooling — allowing them to run longer before reaching exhaustion. And when temps are high, that just might come in handy for your next tennis match, soccer game, or 10-K. See ya at 7-Eleven.