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A Rad Way To Get Fit


The winner of The Vitamin Shoppe’s “Appear in Muscle & Performance” contest at the 2009 Olympia is proving she’s more than a pretty face (and a great body). The NPC national-level competitor with the extremely packed business card — lifestyle/wellness coach, personal trainer, fitness model, actor and college instructor are among her pursuits — has authored a fitness book, R.A2.D. Triad: Transform Your Mind & Body.

R.A2.D. Triad combines principles to help you form an individualized plan to achieve your goals, by keeping in mind that you need a plan that’s unique to your body and lifestyle,” Zmijewski says. “(You’ll take) action steps to help give you a solid foundation for building the body and health that you desire.”

For more information or to order the book, visit goddessathlete.com.