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5 Life Tips From Tony Horton

Apply lessons from the gym to your entire life with these five tips from the creator of P90X


An intense morning at the gym. Two PRs. Then a long day at work. Maybe you’re working a double, or it could be two-a-days this week at the gym itself. Hell, maybe you’ve even got two jobs. That urge to power through everything in your way only works on a fat stack of 45s. In the rest of life (and maybe even your workouts), you might need a bit more balance.

Too much focus in one area means you’re probably falling short in two or three others. It’s like skipping leg day … but for your brain. Don’t lose track of why you’re training, to what end, and how everything fits so nicely together into that much bigger picture of your life as a whole. Tony Horton — the modern-day Titan of Transformation himself — has five key tips for keeping your mind right and body prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

1. Finding “Balance” Is Essential.

No one on their deathbed says I wish I worked more. I did a radio show called Millionaire Rock Stars. All the people on the show talk about the millions and billions that they’ve made. What is success anyway? Is it the car and houses and the jet? I have nice things, but I don’t have the best things. It’s more important to me to have piece of mind and be comfortable in my own skin. It’s a matter of “yin and yang.” I am a big believer in downtime, rest and reflection; I’m good at that.

It’s important to make time for family and kids. You need to develop patience, and it’s important to laugh.

2. Make Sure Most of Your Day Is Spent Being Happy.

Check how many hours of the day you were happy. Obviously, we sleep for seven to eight hours, but were you sweating and swearing during sleep? If you had a bad night of sleep, it’s a good bet that the rest of your day won’t be very good. Maybe you were only happy for one hour total that day. I am looking for most of my day to be happy, and I want my night to be great, too; I want to keep doing that every day.

Challenges come up dozens and dozens of times a day. The way you react will either age you or slow you down. I want to live to be 109, although the odds are against us. The more sleep you get and less stress you have, you improve the odds.

3. Stay Flexible, Physically and Mentally.

The same way we need to stay physically flexible so we don’t atrophy, we also need to do the same thing in the other areas of our life. Mental and emotional flexibility is all about stress control, keeping yourself open to learning new things. Many people as they get older and move later into life take an “ornery” approach to life. They put people into categories. If we don’t continue to open our minds and our hearts, we become rigid to change. If you become rigid and stop learning, you hit the wall.

4. Ask for What You Need.

If you’re afraid or nervous, you can never ask for what you need. By pushing through that discomfort, you will grow and learn form it. You can’t sit on your hands and hope to get through things.

5. One of My Favorite Quotes:

“The more you do, the better you get.”

And the less you do … the harder it is.

Watch Tony’s full interview on Inside Quest for more transformational insights: