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Those Last 10 Pounds

Get rid of stubborn body fat with these proven get-lean methods. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the blubber at all.

f anyone knows how to drop body fat and get lean, it’s Edward Rush, owner and head trainer of InFightingShape in New York City. Rush, a former amateur light-heavyweight boxer while serving in the Army, has helped get hundreds of fighters fitter and leaner during the past 15 years. And now he can help you say goodbye to those last 10 pounds with these three fat-shredding strategies. 

Do More “Organic” Exercise

Think about all the hours during the day that you’re not sleeping or working out. That time equates to countless opportunities to promote fat burning through what Rush calls “organic” exercise — lifestyle practices that include things like riding a bike to work rather than driving and using the stairs in your office building instead of the elevator. Rush even recommends replacing a standard work desk with a treadmill desk. 

“Your body was designed to perform physical activity for more than the one or one-and-a-half hours a day you spend in the gym,” he says. “If you incorporate moderate-level fitness activity into your daily routine, you can burn additional calories to lose those stubborn pounds.”

Work In A Weekly Met-Con

Perhaps you already do some high-intensity interval training as part of your program, but Rush has one specific fight-inspired met-con (metabolic-conditioning) routine he uses often with clients. This might sound like a CrossFit WOD, but it’s really not because active recovery intervals are programmed in. The workout is Rush’s modified version of the popular “bear complex” plus punching and easy stationary bike riding. 

Here are the specifics: Load a barbell in a squat rack with 40 to 60 percent of your bodyweight. Do one rep each of hang cleans, overhead presses, front squats and thrusters. Repeat that sequence seven more times for a total of eight reps. Then do the “progressive [boxing] drill,” in which you throw roughly 200 punches while slipping and moving like a fighter. Following that, hop on a stationary bike, ride at an easy pace for three minutes and then start over again with the bear complex. Complete this circuit three times — four if you’re in really good shape — once a week. “The complex plus the punches will take about six minutes or maybe more, depending on the person,” Rush says.

Try Two-A-Days

To overcome a fat-burning plateau, Rush recommends training twice daily a couple of times a week. And he’s not just talking about weights in the morning, cardio at night — no, he means strength training two-a-days. “This isn’t something you’re going to do indefinitely,” Rush says. “But used temporarily, training twice a day will jack up the metabolism.”

One two-a-day scenario involves doing an upper-body lifting session in the morning (say, chest, back and triceps), then coming back in the evening and performing a functional, high-intensity strength session. “If you have access to a weighted sled, do sled pushes for 80 to 100 feet,” Rush says. “Then do active recovery on either a rowing machine or a bike for two to three minutes. And do that about 10 times.”

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