Sean Sarantos

Sean Sarantos didn’t see himself following the family tradition of military service, but despite his urge to explore other avenues in life, he eventually signed up with the Air Force, in which he specialized as a physical medicine technician. But with any service comes sacrifice, and for Sarantos, that last full measure of devotion almost occurred on his last day of active duty.

Offering to serve as a designated driver for airmen who’d thrown a few too many back, Sarantos gathered up his three passengers, put them in the car and then walked around to the driver’s side.

“That’s when I heard someone say something behind me,” Sarantos recalls. “As I turned to face the person, I was immediately stabbed in the face. The knife started at the top of my forehead and sliced all the way down through my left eyebrow, barely stopping at my eyelid as I pulled my face away.”

Sarantos fought off his attackers — who had exchanged words with his passengers earlier in the evening — but was left with four stab wounds, including one to his wrist and two in his chest. 

“It’s an unfortunate event where I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But from this, I found strength and focus within myself I never knew I had.”

How did that incident change you?

It changed everything. I lost almost all the feeling in my right hand because of nerve damage. It took almost a year before I had enough flexibility in the wrist to perform certain exercises. The chest wounds tore through muscle, hindering my ability to perform most shoulder movements. Basically, all upper-body exercises had to be started from scratch. And that was after I was cleared through rehab to perform them. I had to learn how to have patience, focus and determination and also to be smarter about my nutritional choices since my workouts were not as intense as they used to be. Every aspect of what I thought I knew about working out and eating required me to take a step back and see just how uneducated I was. I guess you can say that this horrible incident helped feed the fire for the passion I already had for health and fitness. Because of this, I kept telling myself every day to be thankful it wasn’t worse and to stay positive.

How do Beast Sports Nutrition products support your goals?

They help immensely. They’ve taken my fitness to a whole different level.


Opinions vary on the best approach for training arms: Biceps and triceps alone? With back or chest? Sean Sarantos likes to train them hard on the same day, like in this workout.