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Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic was rocking New York City’s modeling scene in 2011 and had amassed quite the following when he caught wind of the IFBB’s new Physique division. Well-muscled and boasting the clean X-framed build that judges tend to reward, he saw posing onstage as a natural transition from posing for the camera. But Hadzovic has never been one for halfhearted efforts.

“I realized this is something I could be successful in,” he says. “After my first show, I knew I could be the best men’s physique competitor in the world if I applied all my energy with every single cell of my being.”

He went pro the next year and has since notched two first-place finishes in seven shows, including a hometown win at the New York Pro in 2013. He has never placed lower than fourth. This GAT-sponsored athlete covets intimate familiarity with success and is willing to do the work necessary to earn it.


Birth Date: June 8, 1987
Birthplace: Yugoslavia
Residence: New York City
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190 pounds

Your family emigrated here from what was then Yugoslavia when you were 8. How did that move affect you?

My parents came to this country poor in hopes of giving my siblings and me a better life. Growing up, seeing my parents break their backs working two to three jobs has instilled a ridiculous work ethic in me. Whenever I feel like giving up, I think of my parents and what may have become of me if they had decided to give up. 

When did you first become interested in weight training? Did you see results quickly?

I have always been interested in weight training. I was infatuated with the capabilities of the human physique and have always envisioned myself looking like a real-life superhero. Nothing worth having comes easy, so I had to grind furiously to achieve the physique I have today. After my first few years of doing things wrong, I realized that eating one enormous meal per day wasn’t working. In order for me to put on the size I desired, I had to consume a meal every two and half to three hours.

Did you play any sports growing up?

Growing up, I was a loner. Team sports never interested me. I preferred to channel my creative energy into my art. I remember drawing characters with out-of-this-universe physiques for hours upon hours.

What’s your training setup, and what does it do for your physique?

It’s important for a Physique competitor to train heavy because it’s the only way to keep the muscles hard and full. You want to step onstage with dense muscle in order to place well. I train twice per day, every day. My training consists of cardio, circuit training and plenty of drop sets.

What’s your best nutrition tip for staying lean and muscular? 

One of the simplest tips I can give is to eat like a caveman. That means eating nothing that you can buy from a box or a bag.

What role do supplements play in your contest prep?

Supplements are not only a huge convenience for me but a necessity. I rely heavily on GAT’s products, using Nitra-flex as my preworkout, JetMass mixed with Muscle Martini as my intraworkout and chocolate Supertein as my postworkout shake. I take my Testagen every morning and afternoon to keep my testosterone levels exactly where they need to be.


Try Sadik Hadzovic’s get-lean solution to build a lean, powerful midsection

“Getting ready for a show or shoot, one of my favorite cardio routines is to do a 30-second sprint followed by 10 medicine-ball slams and one minute of rest, repeated for 25 minutes. This is so effective because it absolutely shreds your midsection while putting you in an extreme thermogenic state.”