LaRon Landry

Birth Date: Oct. 14, 1984
Birthplace: Metairie, La.
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 226 pounds

NFL Pro Bowler LaRon Landry is known as one of the hardest-hitting safeties in the league. His teammates jokingly refer to him as “Dirty 30” because of his aggressive style of play and the havoc he wreaks on opposing receivers in the Indianapolis Colts’ secondary. But despite his reputation on the field, Landry has also drawn attention for his outrageously well-built physique. In one ESPN interview, he was asked about his workout habits. Among the quotables: 

“I’ve never finished a workout with a shirt on.” Goes to confidence.

“Kill yourself but don’t die.” A workout philosophy not for the faint of heart. 

“There are some things I want that I can’t get because of my biceps.” We weep for you.

Obviously, Landry’s body of work ain’t just for show. At the 2007 NFL Combine, he notched a 4.35-second 40-yard dash, a vertical leap of 37.5 inches and a broad jump of 10 feet 3 inches. So if you already marvel at his ability to lay guys out on a post route, now you can start to understand where it comes from.

Safety is a pain position! What do you like about that position? Have you ever thought about making the switch to offense?
I love playing safety. It’s like the quarterback of the defense. I can see the entire formation, and that allows me to read and react. I played offense and defense up until college, so I had my years of experience there. To be honest, I love the physical play of the position. 

What are some of the specific physical demands of an elite NFL safety? 
The most important demand is to stay healthy. You must build your body to sustain any amount of workload to play the game. Prepare as a corner, linebacker and safety because sometimes a safety will be in the box or a linebacker might be covering wide receivers as a cornerback. By having the ability to be diverse as safety, you’re a complete package.

How do you manage to keep your food clean with such a hectic travel schedule? Or do you just eat whatever you want?
Eating clean is really not hard for me. It depends on what I’m trying to accomplish with my training, but I normally eat high protein and carbs. I’m slender, so sometimes I overtrain to gain bulk. I work the same muscle groups twice a day. Along with my diet, that allows me to put on bulk easily.

How do MusclePharm supplements play into your daily nutrition? 
MusclePharm gives me the extra edge to perform at a very high level, and it’s the healthiest brand for athletes. I use Combat Powder for protein and meal replacements. I get my aminos from Amino1. I take Assault, which is my favorite preworkout supp to get amped to begin the perfection of “LaRoning.” I use Re-Con for postworkout recovery, which helps me train longer the next time. It also gives me some extra carbs and a little beta-alanine. Arnold Iron Cre3 is a great creatine supp that gives me strength and power, and it has my muscles growing rapidly. I use Armor-V to give my body all the essential nutrients I need on a daily basis. It’s a great antioxidant and probiotic and provides omega-3-6-9 fatty acids and greens. Battle Fuel XT makes my muscles feel like rocks. It’s a great supp for muscle growth when I’m training hard.