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Justin Woltering

The oldest of eight siblings, a young Justin Woltering always felt the need to be a good example, to be strong, to be protective. He took his cues from his father as a preteen in their modest basement home gym, working his martial arts skills on a rickety heavy bag and tussling with the weights. These days, as a committed father and husband, the ambition remains but is now, like his physique, seasoned with the benefit of decades of experience. 

Where does your love of training come from? 

I played tons of sports and my father was into weight training and bodybuilding, so early on I became a big fan of the classic physiques in the magazines as well the action heroes of the 1990s. This sparked a love for weight training, where I was able to find a positive outlet for my energy, and early on, I began to see my body change as a result of its function. That was a high like no other.

You had a very clear turning point in your life and career. What has it taught you?

About halfway through college, everything fell apart. I moved out of New Jersey, got very sick, parents got divorced and I was partying all the time. You name it! I ended up with nothing and in a very difficult situation. I decided to pursue what made me happy, which was bodybuilding and fitness. Training instilled for me certainty in a very uncertain environment, forced me to concentrate on healthy behaviors, and allowed me to pursue a greater version of myself instead of choices that were destructive to my mind and body. Business flourished, I finished college, landed tons of magazine covers, and met the perfect woman who would become my wife and the mother of my beautiful daughter. Having a child of my own, I know I need to be a leader and help my family as much as possible. In bodybuilding and fitness, it’s very easy to become self-involved, so it’s important to make sure priorities are in order to create the most fulfilling life experience.

How do Dymatize Nutrition supplements help you land so much work as a fitness model? 

Once I started taking them, my physique and fitness career took off. They use the best scientists, research and nutrition available on the market today. The new Performance Driven series is the best supplement stack I’ve ever taken. I have seen incredible lean gains from using the M.P.ACT, Amino Pro and M•P•S. 

What’s your nutritional approach? 

My nutritional approach is pretty straightforward. I eat the same meals at the same times whenever possible — mostly high protein and moderate fat — and the majority of my carb intake is preworkout and postworkout. For protein, I eat eggs, bison, chicken and salmon. For carbohydrates, I stick with oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice. My wife is a cooking teacher and I grill every week, so we keep these healthy meals very “gourmet” and add variety by using seasonings and marinades.

What are your workouts like? How do you retain such lean, dense muscularity

I would best describe my training as a combination of powerlifting, functional training and intuitive old-school bodybuilding. I love going as heavy as possible but also making sure I can still fight, jump, run and work on perfecting physique symmetry for aesthetics. For cardio, hitting the heavy bag and hill sprints are by far my favorites.