Jenee Leger

When opportunities didn’t exist, she created them. When confronted with new challenges, she embraced them. And though she thrives on individual competition, Jenee Leger’s primary motivations lie in simply helping others — including her 4-year-old daughter — thrive in every way. By all accounts, the career of this young IFBB pro Bikini competitor is off to a running start, and it all started on a track in Louisiana. 

Tell us about your background in track. What events did you run and … how good were you?
I went to a very small private school in seventh grade, and it hadn’t had a track team for years, so I asked the principal to start up a track team with volunteer parents. They came together, and I was the only female track athlete. I taught myself how to run the most complicated event: hurdles. I broke three school records and went on to run collegiate track at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

When did your passion for exercise make the jump into competition? 
I began personal training at 19 years old. One day, I saw a picture of a girl who did a Figure competition and I thought, Wow! Her body looked phenomenal. So I decided I was going to compete in Figure. I trained myself for a year and placed first at our state Figure show. The next year, I gave birth to my beautiful curly-haired blond baby girl and competed in an NPC Bikini show seven months later — and won. 

How did you bounce back so well from childbirth, and what advice do you have for other new moms who want to get back in pre-pregnancy shape?
Everyone is different. My advice for moms is to set a goal for yourself first. Don’t ever feel guilty for taking an hour out of your day to be a better you. Be a healthy example for your children. If you eat healthy, your kids will eat healthy. 

What has your relationship with Finaflex meant for you as an athlete?
Finaflex products have really given me a boost in the gym. My endurance has increased, as have my energy levels. I use their products for all my prep now.

What is your ultimate goal as a competitor?
Honestly, it’s to influence others to eat better and exercise and inspiring others to never give up! 

What’s your favorite bodypart to train?
My favorite workouts are isolated glute days. I have two heavy glute days and two pump-up days. Heavy glute days consist of the glute kickback machine, one-legged leg press targeting just my glutes, deep squats, plié squats, the abductor machine and burning out with wall bridges. My pump-up days consist of all glute-targeted exercises with no weights but burning out on five sets.


Birth Date: October 16, 1986
Birthplace: Lafayette, Louisiana
Current City: Youngsville, Louisiana
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 pounds (competition)
2013 Pro Highlights: NPC USA, 2nd, Class C (earned pro card); Europa Dallas, 1st (pro debut, qualified for Olympia)