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Grin and Bare It

It’s most women’s biggest fear: strutting their stuff in a bikini — especially when standing alone, center stage, with dozens of eyes laser-focused on the most imperceptible of imperfections. That is, unless you’re one of these four gorgeous ladies — the industry’s top bikini competitors, each of whom has put in enough hours at the gym and found just the right combination of supplements to ooze confidence. Now they’re sharing their winning formulas. Ladies, listen up!

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Pamela Wilson

As a first-place NPC Natural Western Bikini competitor who graced the January 2012 cover of Military Spouse magazine and served as’s military-sponsored athlete in 2010, Pamela Wilson is not your typical U.S. Air Force officer. As a Dymatize-featured athlete, she has discovered what she describes as a “well-rounded company” that not only supports bodybuilding but also her new passion, CrossFit.

Why she loves Dymatize: “Dymatize is one of the first companies in the industry to cater to gluten-free lifestyles. Their products are all delicious and of unbelievable quality. They offer everything from basic protein powders to oatmeal with protein already in it.”

When she made the switch: “For a long time, I was using another brand of glutamine, and I was having to force the chalklike substance down at night. Dymatize offers micronized products, so they are never chalky or hard to blend.”

The secret to her success: “I have a wonderful husband who stands by me and encourages me along my fitness journey. Having an awesome trainer doesn’t hurt, either. She always keeps me on track when training for a show or an event.”

Training routine: “I realized that after a long time of training and dieting alone, I was beginning to get weaker. I joined a CrossFit gym and discovered what ‘B.A.M.F.’ stood for.”

Favorite multivitamin: “Garden of Life brand, which is a good natural daily vitamin for women.”

Favorite protein shake: “Dymatize’s Elite Whey in butter cream toffee is my protein of choice. I usually mix a scoop of that with a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to have on my way home from the gym.”

Favorite snack: “Dymatize Elite Gourmet Cookies & Cream bars are excellent when I’m on the go.”

Favorite breakfast: “A delicious and quick morning meal is Dymatize [Elite] High-Protein Oatmeal. It has all my protein and carbs in one pack.”

Favorite preworkout: “To get revved up and ready to take on the world, I use Dymatize’s [Xpand] Xtreme Pump, in fruit punch flavor. It’s definitely that added boost that you need at the end of the workday.”

Favorite postworkout: “I use Dymatize’s Elite Recoup, in fruit punch flavor, during my workout. Water can be so boring, especially when you drink more than a gallon a day. Plus, Recoup helps muscles repair quicker, so I’m always ready for another killer day at the gym.”

Supplement routine: “I take probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin C and iron first thing in the morning. I take fish oil after my workouts, along with that whey shake with flaxseed. Finally, I take glutamine before bed.”

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Jaime Baird

In 2011, Jaime Baird was the IFBB Jacksonville Pro Bikini champion and the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini champion, and she took fourth place in Bikini Olympia and fifth place in the Arnold Ms. Bikini International. And if last year wasn’t busy enough, she also finds time to spread the word on her devotion of Gaspari Nutrition’s products.

Why she loves Gaspari Nutrition: “I wholeheartedly believe in Gaspari Nutrition’s products and am inspired by its athletes, leadership and brand. Gaspari was built on the relentless hardworking spirit of the company’s founder — bodybuilding legend Rich Gaspari. Rich’s tenacity and attention to detail are evident in every product and campaign launched and every athlete and initiative taken on. I feel proud and honored to have the opportunity to share the Gaspari brand and products with others in pursuit of their best in sport, health and life.”

The secret to her success: “Heart, passion and compassion. Life is short. Time and energy are limited. So I invest myself in things that are truly my heart’s desires. By doing so, I passionately pursue my goals with relentless effort and optimism. Along the way, I make sure that I never lose sight of opportunities to help others achieve their goals while I’m achieving mine. I believe it’s not how far you climb but how many people you bring with you along the way.”

Training routine: “I typically hit the weights five days a week to continue adding shape and curve to my physique. Also, I do a lot of very athletic cardio work, including plyometrics, sprints and stadiums to maximize fat burning and help shape my legs and glutes. When I’m preparing for a show, I’ll do about 10 cardio sessions a week, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes each. That gets cut in half during the ‘improvement’ season.”

Favorite protein: “MyoFusion is the absolute best-tasting protein. Because it’s so delicious, it’s the perfect solution for those sugar cravings that threaten my clean diet. My favorite flavors are cookies & cream and banana perfection, which I drink as shakes or add to yogurt, egg whites or oats. Besides the taste, it offers the benefits of being a timed-release protein. And, in December 2011, Gaspari Nutrition added a patented probiotic to it to support immune and digestive health.”

Favorite preworkout: “I haven’t always been a strong believer in preworkout products. So many of them are full of stimulants but do not offer much to help build a lean, strong physique. SuperPump Max definitely energizes you, but it also offers effective doses of the critical ingredients that matter to athletic performance, like leucine, citrulline, carnitine, creatine and electrolytes. I don’t go to the gym without it. My favorite flavors are Uncle Rich’s sour apple and watermelon.”

Favorite fat burners: “Spirodex is a once-a-day thermogenic that I cycle with Phenorex. I take two Spirodex first thing in the morning, and it gives me energy and focus all day long without the typical fat-burner crash. After 30 days taking Spirodex, I switch to Phenorex, which is also a thermogenic but stimulates a different biochemical pathway. Cycling these products keeps my body from getting accustomed to them, which will ultimately give me better results.”

Photo by Kevin Horton


Amanda Latona

Fresh off back-to-back wins at two IFBB Pro shows, back-to-back magazine covers in April and May 2011 and coming in No. 1 on the “All-Time Hot List” in Flex magazine’s swimsuit issue, Amanda Latona had a banner year. With 2012 shaping up to be just as winning, Latona shares some of the secrets of her success.

Why she loves BSN: “I was using and believing in BSN’s products before I was even signed as an athlete. That’s why it’s so cool. Now I’m part of a company that I’ve believed in for years.”

The secret to her success: “There’s no secret really, just hard work. I seriously train my butt off, lots of dedication and discipline, prayer and strong faith and an amazing support system. This is a lifestyle, and it has been for me for years — before anyone even knew who I was.”

Training routine: “I train four days a week when I’m not competing. I can maintain this because I’ve been training for so many years. Competing, I train six to seven days a week, two sessions a day. Cardio is a separate session from my weights. I love weight training and believe it shapes the body, so I do two upper-body days and two lower-body days a week. Lower body is a priority because I’m a woman, and I’m kinda known for my butt. I also constantly change my routines, which helps avoid plateaus by keeping my body guessing.”

Favorite preworkout: “I love N.O-Xplode and have taken it before literally every workout. It makes a huge difference to me. Energy, pumps, training intensity — seriously, the best.”

Favorite postworkout: “After a workout, I love Amino X, especially watermelon and green apple. I believe it’s a supplement everyone can benefit from.”

Favorite protein: “You can only get in so many meals a day, so I supplement with Syntha-6 in chocolate peanut butter. Yum!”

Favorite fat burner: “When I’m training a lot and need the extra energy and focus, I love Thermonex. I take it before cardio and have the best cardio sessions. I always use it for contest prep.”

Photo by Gabriel Guzman


Cristina Vujnich

When she began competing in 2010, Cristina Vujnich’s goal wasn’t to turn pro but rather to enjoy each competition and have fun. However, she earned her IFBB Pro status at the 2011 Jr. Nationals, qualified for the Olympia by taking second place at her second Pro show and placed within the top 15 bikini pros on the Olympia stage in 2011. No doubt she’ll continue to exceed expectations — including her own — as her career continues.

Why she loves Optimum Nutrition: “The very first protein shake I ever tasted was Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey. From the beginning, they have held true to a high standard, and the changes in my physique are proof that their products can make a difference.”

The secret to her success: “I wish there was a ‘secret handbook’ that would give everyone the answers, but unfortunately, there isn’t. But as for my success, I train for me, I compete for me and I stay motivated for me. I do not let failures or discouragements get me down but instead use them as motivation to hit it hard another day in the gym and keep on the path. Success is what you define it as. It’s different for each person.”

Training routine: “I train like a bodybuilder, heavy and intense. Being hypoglycemic and having an abnormally fast metabolism, I cannot do much cardio, so it’s in the weight room where I really have to work hard. I usually train five days a week and hit a different bodypart each day.”

Favorite protein: “Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydrowhey in chocolate is by far my favorite protein product, as it’s the purest form of whey protein. Fast digesting, no lactose and low carbs, Hydrowhey gets into my body quick.”

Favorite energy booster: “Optimum’s Amino Energy in orange cooler is my favorite nonprotein product. It isn’t just a preworkout supplement but an all-day mix that you can drink before lifting, during lifting or all day long, like I do. It gives me a little natural caffeine boost along with the necessary amino acids.”

Favorite multivitamin: “Opti-Women has double the amount of necessary vitamins and minerals of the average multi, including antioxidants. I take at least one every morning with my first meal. It’s always in my arsenal of supplements when I travel, too.”

Favorite RTD protein shake: “I take ABB’s Pure Pro 50 protein shake in banana cream when I’m on the road or not able to make a protein shake. Not only is it convenient, but it tastes good, too.”