Tri-Set Slimdown

Get a pump and blast tons of bodyfat with this collection of time-efficient workouts

Summer is coming and it is time to attack the beach with a look that will make others take notice. While in-depth programs that focus on high-volume daily workouts would be nice, why not crank up the intensity for shorter workouts and spend more time on the beach?

The focus, understandably, is on the beach muscles. Anything covered up that should stay covered up, is not part of this program. Tri-sets aren’t a new approach but this approach may be. You will keep the same faster-pace, quick-switching approach as you move from one exercise to another but your rep ranges will change, as will the exercises. In addition to the pump-inducing tempo, you will hit a functional-cardio finisher to keep the calorie burning high, and endurance at a premium.

If you choose to do all these routines on the same day, you should only go through each tri-set one to two times max. Each routine is designed to be a standalone program that you can modify to meet your programming needs. Additionally, the cardio finishers can be swapped based on your preference but are designed to allow you to maximize each phase of the workout.

Each exercise should be performed for 12 reps before immediately switching to the next exercise in the three-exercise tri-set. Do three to four sets of each tri-set using good form and a smooth, controlled rep speed.

Tri-Set 1: Chest + Back + Calves


Finish this workout with alternating waves intervals with the battling ropes, completing 5–6 sets of 30 seconds, with one minute rest between sets. Use a semi-squatting stance keeping your torso erect and work the ropes with a smooth rhythm. Concentrate on form not speed.

Tri-Set 2: Biceps + Triceps + Delts

Finish this extremity-dominated workout with 5–6 sets of 12 kettlebell swings. Allow one minute of rest (or less) between sets. Select a weight that allows you to be as explosive as possible while maintaining good form. Reduce the weight as necessary as you progress.

Tri-Set 3: Traps + Abs + Forearms

After your tri-sets, do a quick Tabata set of walking lunges with your own bodyweight. Set a timer for eight segments of 20 seconds of work, each followed by 10 seconds of rest. Take long deep steps, keeping your torso erect and emphasizing quad and glute activity.