Quick Fix: Front Squat

Try these simple solutions to common widespread front squat errors.

The Flaw: Being dogmatic about arm/hand placement.

The Fix: There are two main arm positions for barbell front squats: rack position (aka clean grip) and arms crossed. Many trainers will tell you the former is the only way to go, but truth is, both grips are acceptable and effective. Use whichever one puts you in the best biomechanical position. Better yet, alternate between the two from workout to workout.

The Flaw: Lifting with “soft” abs.

The Fix: The front squat is as much a core exercise as a quad move. That said, keep your abs tight through both the descent and ascent of every rep. Doing this lift with soft abs will make your lower back work harder to stabilize your torso, and that’s an injury waiting to happen.

The Flaw: Leaning forward.

The Fix: Keep your elbows up so your upper arms remain approximately parallel to the floor throughout. The goal with this exercise is to keep the torso as upright as possible. The simple “elbows up” mental cue will go a long way in achieving this.