Michele Levensque-Presciano


If you or someone you know has ever bemoaned an old injury as just cause for skipping a workout or keeping workouts tame, please direct them to the career of one Michele Levesque-Presciano. This Figure beauty, fitness model and GAT front lady has endured a barrage of injuries ranging from broken digits to catastrophic knee blowouts, but she hasn’t let any of it stop her from achieving the poster-worthy physique you see here (or on our cover, for that matter). For Michele, who married industry fixture Anthony Presciano in 2012, living an active, healthy lifestyle is worth the dings, dents and scratches.

When did you first start weight training and why?
I’ve always been super active. And being an athlete for most of my life, I had tons of injuries. I’ve had a broken finger, a dislocated elbow, a broken foot and, more recently, a ruptured ACL. I started to run and do track-and-field competitions at a very young age. My training consisted of running and plyometrics, no weight training. I ended up with plica syndrome, a painful inflammation of the knee that often happens during development of your joints. I had minor surgery on both my knees, started weight training after my surgery to rehab and never stopped.

When did you first realize that you wanted to compete? It’s a big leap from training hard to “I want to be in a show!”
I used to drool over fitness magazines and their perfectly built fitness models. Although I never had a weight issue, a lack of confidence was keeping me from pursuing my dream of competing. People at my gym started asking me why I wasn’t competing, so I finally did and went all out. It really boosted my confidence and was the beginning of an amazing journey.

You maintain your great shape year-round. What’s the best nutrition advice you can offer?
I found that I looked and felt better once I stopped binging. Now I try to have balance. I give myself enough food and variety and cheat meals so I don’t have to empty the jar of ice cream. Also, I tend to hold a lot of water weight, and GAT’s AQX helps me lose it immediately. These days, my best friend is GAT’s amino blend Muscle Martini. It allows me to get my dose of amino acids and avoid muscle breakdown when I’m dieting and increasing my cardio. I also love JetFuel Pyro, which helps control my appetite and cravings, gives me just enough energy to go through my day and puts me in an amazing mood.

You and Anthony are basically a fitness power couple. How important is it to have someone in your life like that?
To have somebody sharing the same passion for fitness is a must. Anthony and I cook healthy together, we motivate each other to stay on track and we try to be a good influence on one another. We are a perfect fit — he is the peanut butter to my jelly!