Let’s Make Wayne Brady Ripped! Month 2


What’s a challenge without an obstacle or two? Actor, singer and host of Let’s Make a Deal Wayne Brady had barely started the 90-day physique transformation challenge sponsored by M&P, and already he faced a setback. Brady’s demanding travel schedule complicates things, yes, but nothing like what he experienced during the first weeks of the program: He had intense pain in his foot — “I thought I had broken my toe,” he says — and was out of commission for a few days. But Brady didn’t have a broken toe. He had gout (yikes), an arthritic condition caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood.

“I had never had gout,” Brady says. “I didn’t know what it was. So it was an incredibly interesting period. In trying to eat healthier, I had been eating a lot of salmon and a lot of red meat, and I believe that ended up increasing my uric acid.”

Fortunately, the gout was only a temporary roadblock for Brady, and he was able to continue on the program with little interruption. Salmon and red meat were mostly eliminated from his diet because the higher fat content of those two foods, particularly the saturated fat found in beef, were believed to be the major culprits causing his toe discomfort. Other than that, his nutrition plan has stayed pretty much the same from Month 1: high protein, quality carbs, healthy fats.

Intense Results
Brady’s training, however, has seen some changes. Most of the basic movements he was doing in the first four weeks of the program have carried over into Month 2, but trainer Mike Vale has ramped up the intensity by incorporating supersets — a method that will maximize fat burning while still eliciting muscle gains — into his workouts. Straight sets are virtually nonexistent in Brady’s training at this point. So far, the program has already delivered noticeable results.

“I’m definitely seeing more growth and definition in my arms and in my chest, and that’s pretty cool,” Brady says. “And I’m upping my cardio to make sure that my stubborn area, my abs, get carved so that I don’t end up taking on a blocky look. My face has leaned out, too, and my back has broadened a bit.”

The other difficulty Brady has faced is sticking with the program while traveling. When he’s at home in Los Angeles, it’s pretty simple: He wakes up, eats breakfast, drives his daughter and niece to school, has a preworkout protein shake, and then meets Vale between 8 and 9 a.m. for a training session, usually at Brady’s house, which is equipped with free weights, a Hoist all-in-one machine and an elliptical for cardio. But when he travels, he’s on his own. Well, sort of. Brady has videos of his workouts downloaded onto an iPod touch via Vale’s iFit Circuit program (see iFitCircuit.com for more details) that he can do on location at a hotel gym.

“The first couple of weeks it was rough because I was on the road a lot,” Brady says. “I’m still on the road, but now I’ve made it part of my routine, just like you get up, brush your teeth and put your pants on. ‘I got to do this, I got to do that, and I got to work out.’ After I’m done, I can do everything else in the day. When I’m on my own, I usually do an afternoon workout right before my show because I find that it gives me a burst of energy and helps me warm up. So I work out, then I hit the showers, and then I change and go right onstage.”

Before the challenge started, Brady stated that his goal was to lose 5 to 10 pounds to achieve a leaner, more defined physique. But just as circumstances changed because of his gout flare-up, so too has his bodyweight outlook. But all for the better — he may not end up being 5 to 10 pounds lighter, but he’ll certainly have improved his body composition considerably, which should be a primary goal of any program.

“When I started, I was 172 pounds,” Brady says. “The weight I wanted to maintain initially was 160 to 165. But it seems my body wants to stay around 170, even when I’m eating clean, because of the lifting and putting on muscle. So I think I’m going to end up staying right here; the weight’s just been redistributed.”

See the conclusion of Wayne Brady’s physique transformation in the August 2012 issue of M&P.

Here’s a sample week of Brady’s workout program, designed by trainer Mike Vale, during the second four weeks of the challenge. Emphasis on sample because Vale tweaks Brady’s workouts week to week. “We’re constantly changing things up,” the Los Angeles-based trainer says.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
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