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Jon Beason


The NFL is replete with players who neatly check positional expectation boxes, but Jon Beason, who plays middle linebacker for the New York Giants, is something of a paradox. At 5 feet 11 inches tall, he’s not the most imposing figure for ’backs awaiting the snap, but his highlight reel still manages to give them moments of pause when choosing their route. But Beason doesn’t just batter rib cages at the line of scrimmage — he’s fast enough to get everywhere else. He may play linebacker, but he trains to keep up with players at every position on the other side of the ball. The nature of his position has led to some injuries, but he has used them as opportunities to learn how to train smarter, and the results are scary. 

You seem to be able to move more like a defensive back than a middle linebacker. Do you plan your training that way? 
Well, I used to play defensive back, and I was recruited as a safety out of high school. I think that made me unique when I was making the transition to linebacker, but I wanted to hold on to that skill set. I still train like a defensive back to maintain those fluid movements. At middle linebacker, you have to be instinctive but well-rounded and well-versed at the position. That means the mental part takes place before the physical part in terms of pre-snap reads. Physically, the challenge is that you have to be able to cover a wide receiver and tight end but also stop the run, which makes you the ultimate 

every-down linebacker. 

What’s your best-ever 40 time? 
I am a 4.5 guy, but there’s no stopwatch when someone is trying to beat you to the edge. I definitely play a lot faster than what I have ever been clocked at.

You seem to really enjoy training. When did you pick up the bug for hard training? 
I think training gives you the edge, not just physically but also mentally. When you’re in great shape, you can sustain a higher level longer. It always comes down to winning and losing. I became addicted to the fact that if I worked harder, then I should win. That’s the mentality.

How do supplements fit into your training and recovery?
I think supplementation takes good training and diet to the next level. When you train to be the best, you have to take the best, and I have come to learn that RSP Nutrition products are superior. That comes from direct trial and error. 

What have your injuries taught you about training?
It’s like any setback. I think you use the proper methodology in your recovery and there is never any doubt that you will overcome. It’s just a matter of time.