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Jojo’s Got the Mojo

This IFBB Men’s Physique champ is getting ahead by sticking with the basics.
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It’s incredibly rare to, in just one year, earn your IFBB pro card by becoming the NPC Junior Nationals Men’s Physique overall winner, take second at your pro debut (the IFBB Europa Dallas Pro) and earn your Olympia qualification at your second pro contest. Yet Jorge “Jojo” Gonzalez did just that in 2015. From his humble beginnings in Hebbronville, Texas, to competing on the biggest stage in the industry, Gonzalez knows what it takes to make dreams come true — and, as a personal trainer and coach in San Antonio, helps others prepare for shows, photo shoots, weddings and various fitness goals. This Dymatize-sponsored athlete’s goal is to return to the Olympia and earn a top-10 placement.

What has been your biggest lesson as a men’s physique competitor?

At first, I was focused on the outside — based on what I saw in magazines — and just enjoyed competing. Then it turned into a lifestyle. Your body is a machine and it will respond based on how you treat it. For instance, if you don’t pay attention to what works and why, it’ll always be a guessing game on how to attain your goals. You have to track and modify your supplements, diet and workout. Also, your body thrives on moderation. If you go crazy bingeing after a show or in the offseason, you’ll damage your body and it takes so much longer to bounce back.

Do you have any tips for staying on track?

For me, it’s far easier to just be basic. I’ll cook five pounds of turkey — half in one seasoning and half in another — and eat it for two days. I want things to taste good, so I focus on bold flavors, hot sauce, adding some avocado. If I make chicken, I take care not to overcook it because then eating becomes a chore. I include whatever fits into my macro budget so I have the most satisfaction at mealtime.

When it comes to your workouts, what are you focusing on in the gym these days?

I’m focused on what feels right. If a bodypart is sore or tweaked, I avoid movements that further compromise it. I’m also paying attention to proper technique and getting back to basics while staying at about 70 percent max weight — making sure each lift is proper, my posture is good, one muscle group isn’t overcompensating for another. My supplements, like Dymatize ISO100 Clear, really fuel my workouts, which helps keep me moving closer to my goals. This RTD is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle, especially when I don’t have a shaker handy. I usually drink half of it before my workout and the other half after because it has 40 grams of 100 percent whey protein isolate and 10.2 grams of branched-chain amino acids for recovery.

What advice do you give your clients when they need some motivation?

If you don’t do the work, someone else will. When they see someone else in the gym and wonder why they don’t look like that, I tell them they cannot complain about something they haven’t worked for. Working hard every day not only makes you a better competitor, it makes you a better person within.