Anthony Presciano


When you see pictures of fitness model and supplement company executive Anthony Presciano, what’s the first term that comes to mind? While your answers might range from ripped to ridiculous, there was a time when most people just called him fatty.

“At age 13, I was picked on quite a bit,” Presciano recalls. “I was chunky and developed an eating disorder that took me to the point where it may have stunted my growth a bit. I just stopped eating. I starved myself every day because I couldn’t handle the ridicule.”

Luckily, Presciano’s tough-love older brother recognized the dangers of his behavior and set about getting some meat back on his bones. In high school, Presciano’s new love of the iron took him from a waify 110 pounds to a hulking 230, putting him squarely in the sights of several Division I football program recruiters. These days, Presciano has parlayed his love of training into a career in the fitness industry, helping to convert German American Technologies into a major player in a crowded field of competitors.

You started training at 13, but when did you decide to take things to the next level?
I met [professional bodybuilder] Serge Nubret during college. He was an idol because I’d watched Pumping Iron when I was younger. I sought him out and begged him to train me, and he took me under his wing. Being around one of the greatest physiques ever to walk the earth was addictive, and I wanted to be like that.

You enjoyed some early success in bodybuilding with wins at the AAU Mr. Junior USA (1998) and Mr. New Mexico (1999). But when did you get your first big break in fitness modeling?
Probably when I got the cover of Fitness Rx. I was in Miami. I was 22 years old, shredded at 210 pounds. There was this guy who was friends with the director of marketing at BSN, and they said that they needed someone in shape in the area. They had my Fitness Rx cover and asked me if I could look like this year-round. They were going to have me and this other guy appear in the ad campaigns. But he came in fat, and they sent him home. So I got all the ads!

How did the relationship with German American Technologies come about?
I moved on from BSN in April 2010, and for the early part of that year, I was talking to 10 or 12 companies. I wanted to make bigger decisions. Charles Moser, the CEO of GAT, called me and said I could be the vice president. I realized they were doing well already with very few products. I told them that if we fill these additional categories, he’d be a millionaire. And now it’s happening.

What do you consider the flagship product in your line?
Nitraflex, which is the world’s first preworkout formula to contain CFB (calcium fructopyranose borate), a compound shown in two clinical studies to increase total and free testosterone levels. The average increase in total and free testosterone in a six-week study was 59 percent and 29.5 percent, respectively. In a second study, total and free testosterone increased only three hours after a single dose of CFB.

How are you able to keep in such good shape year-round?
I think the biggest mistake that people make is relying on the next meal without having prepared it. If you would just wake up, like my wife and I did this morning, and cook some chicken, spinach and sweet potatoes for the day or week, you’ll be fine.


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