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400 Reps to Bigger Arms

Get ready to experience the pump of your life with the 400-rep arm workout.
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Trying to maximize muscularity without building a base of strength is akin to building a million-dollar mansion on sandy land with no foundation: sure, it might look flashy, but it will eventually come crumbling down.

Strength is your base. But to fully develop muscles, a holistic approach is required. This means heavy weights and light weights, high reps and low reps, various frequencies and various tempos. As a result, in this workout we’re training for the pump. Do this workout twice a week for three to five weeks. This 400-rep workout is a great way to shock your muscles and give the joints a rest from the constant pounding of heavy pig iron.

The Workout

The nature of this workout causes large amounts of time under tension, and the extremely short rest periods magnetize metabolic stress. In other words, this is a great way to spark muscle growth.

We’re going to perform four exercises for 100 reps each. The four exercises are close-grip decline press, incline dumbbell curls, overhead rope triceps extensions and hammer curls.The goal is to reach 100 reps in as few sets as possible.

Start with a weight you can perform 20 repetitions with and go to failure. If you reach failure at 20 reps, you will rest 80 seconds before going again. After each failure, calculate how many total repetitions you have left to reach 100 reps, so staring off if you hit 20 reps, next set 11 reps, you would wait 69 seconds before starting set 3 (100-20-11=69). This sequence continues until 100 reps are reached. After the exercise is complete, wait two minutes and begin the next exercise.

Even if it takes you 20 sets, do NOT lower the weight. This is a hardcore pump-up workout, not tiddlywinks or a rest week.

Final Thoughts

Each time you do this workout, instead of adding weight, keep track of time and sets and continually strive to get the workout done faster and in fewer sets.

With muscle building, no stone can be left unturned.

Time to hit the pig iron!