What’s Your DNA Made Of?

Sometimes, a company succeeds so far beyond its wildest dreams that there’s only one thing left to do. “We’re getting back to our roots in 2014,” says Eric Hart, senior brand manager of BSN, “by focusing primarily on strength and physique sports and their athletes. These are the individuals who got behind the brand and helped build it, so we are getting back to supporting them.”

This plan includes two major product releases for the year, plus a new series. The first, IsoBurn, is a two-in-one product that combines 100 percent whey protein isolate with non-stimulant weight-loss ingredients to provide weight-loss support anytime, day or night. To support fat loss, IsoBurn contains decaffeinated green-coffee extract, carnitine and LeptiCore, which helps keep leptin levels elevated, even during times of reduced calorie intake. Leptin is a hormone that reduces hunger and elevates metabolism, providing a very unique benefit to a protein powder. With 120 calories and 20 grams of protein per serving, this decaffeinated fat-burning protein powder is for anyone looking to support weight loss while maintaining lean muscle tissue. 

The second is a reformulation of its concentrated preworkout powder, Hyper FX, in March. “After listening to our consumers and their feedback, we made some adjustments to give consumers what they wanted in a concentrated preworkout,” Hart says. “Concentrated preworkouts are really about strong energy and focus. A lot of concentrated preworkouts on the market today are watered-down complete preworkouts that contain ingredients like citrulline, beta-alanine and creatine — but in such small doses that they aren’t really effective. They’re more window dressing than anything. Hyper FX delivers energy, focus and endurance, pure and simple.” 

Specifically, this energy and focus comes from adding HydroCarn beta-alanine, a three-times concentrated beta-alanine that helps support endurance. Hart says that some consumers were not interested in the test-boosting properties of the original formula of Hyper FX, so those ingredients were removed (which made more room in the formula to deliver on the energy and focus described above). Also removed were the black- and red-pepper extracts, which consumers complained added some unwanted spiciness to the product. “The removal of the pepper extracts not only eliminated the spicy aftertaste, but it improved the overall flavors significantly,” Hart says. “Additionally, AstraGin was added to aid in nutrient uptake.”

In June or July 2014, BSN will be releasing the DNA Series, a foundational product group that includes products such as creatine, glutamine, fish oil, CLA, carnitine and leucine, to name a few. Why these ingredients? “These products are ingredients that make up the foundation of supplement regimens,” Hart explains. “We know that the majority of our consumers are taking core products such as fish oils and glutamines, so we want to make sure BSN is giving them the best possible options.” And with a constant eye on efficacy, all these products contain Glanbia’s patented PepForm ingredient technology for greater uptake and absorption. Unlike most core ingredient products, the DNA Series will deliver an added benefit over and above its basic single-ingredient counterparts.