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Muscle & Strength Builders

Unlimited Muscle Growth?

Naturally reduce myostatin levels for unlimited muscle growth.


“Certainly there is a limit [to muscle growth], but I don’t know that we’ve found it,” said Dr. Jacob Wilson in the film Generation Iron, the modernized sequel to the bodybuilding classic Pumping Iron. But what viewers don’t know is what was not said. Obviously, right? They’re left to think maybe bodybuilders can train harder, diet harder or [insert thing they’re already doing to become a giant] harder. However, that’s not the case. The fact of the matter is that the rare collection of men who make it to the Olympia stage really can’t do much more to improve their existing practices — they’ve nearly perfected the methods.

Of course, there is more to bodybuilding than diet and exercise. All-natural bodybuilding federations would not exist if they didn’t need to, would they? While playing the hormone card doesn’t appeal to everyone, anybody interested in muscle growth is also interested in the anabolic effects of testosterone, so others seek testosterone-boosting supplements to naturally improve their anabolic hormone profile.

But wait — there’s more! Training, dieting, supplements, hormones…we get it. But still, Dr. Wilson believes we have not found the limit to muscle growth because there is still so much to learn about human physiology.

For instance, myokines are fairly new in scientific study; we don’t know very much about them. I mean really, what the hell are myokines, anyway? They’re little tiny proteins released by muscle cells during exercise to regulate the body’s response to being active. I say regulate because we’re not exactly excited about some of them. One in particular is called myostatin, which literally means “muscle lower,” so we know that’s bad. Myostatin functions to make sure we don’t get too big — as if there is such a thing!

It is theorized that this genetic muscle limiter was critical to our caveman ancestry so these hunter-gatherers didn’t get too big so they could better move around to ensure long-term survival. So blame your hardgainer genetics on your ancestors! Still, scientists have identified some humans with genetic “deficiencies” who naturally lack the myostatin gene, and they are very well-muscled and exhibit no negative side effects.

On the animal front, we also know that species genetically deficient in myostatin are absolutely massive. If you’ve never seen one of the Belgian Blue cows or Bully Whippet dogs, do a quick Google search right now, and keep in mind that those animals don’t even lift — seriously!

Now that we’ve seen the power of myostatin inhibition, what can we do for ourselves? Much like we limit doughnut, cake and cookie binges, we can limit the amount of myostatin produced by our bodies. This is accomplished through the careful use of myostatin inhibitors. Maybe you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of myostatin inhibition on your quest to be king of huge-dom. It’s mainly because the current pharmacologic efforts have been futile so far.

But fear not, for one scientifically validated natural myostatin inhibitor does exist! As a result of research spearheaded by Dr. Carlon Colker and presented at the 2009 American College of Nutrition Conference, it was found that fertilized egg yolks contained a natural myostatin inhibitor in small doses. Colker was able to develop a process to isolate, enrich and standardize high amounts of this specific protein into a compound that was trademarked as Myo-T12. In later study, Myo-T12 was found to lower myostatin levels by an average of 46%, and the lowering effect was observed in 100% of study participants. The reduced myostatin was experienced for 12–18 hours, with levels returning to normal at about 24 hours.

Before you run to the store for eggs, however, you should know that store-bought eggs are not fertilized, so they don’t have the same potential to reduce myostatin (although they are still a great protein source). Additionally, because of the advanced processing and isolation procedures, MYO-T12 is more than 100 times more potent than the original anabolic compounds found in fertilized egg yolks.

Now that we know Myo-T12 can reduce myostatin, can it help get you jacked? In some early scientific manuscripts published describing the myostatin-deficient cows and dogs, myostatin inhibition had been described as “muscle doubling.” However, published human data show this to be untrue. It’s actually closer to triple or even quadruple. An article in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition shows that individuals supplementing daily with 6.6g of Myo-T12 gained 2.8 timesthe amount of total lean mass and 4.3 times the amount of muscle thickness in the quadriceps compared to placebo.

I’d say that’s a pretty amazing result for training only 24 times over a 12-week span! So are you interested in trying Myo-T12? To save you the trouble of looking elsewhere, Myo-T12 is available exclusively in a product called MYO-X from MHP. MYO-X is a delicious vanilla-flavored product that tastes best when eaten in powder form. It should be taken once daily to help naturally reduce myostatin levels and allow you to unlock your genetic muscle-building potential!