The Three-in-One Testosterone Booster

Elevating testosterone levels has been the goal for bodybuilders, athletes and recreational lifters alike since the connection was made between testosterone and muscle growth/exercise performance. But thanks to extensive research over the past few decades, healthy testosterone levels have been linked to a healthy body composition (more muscle, less fat), libido and anti-aging. As a result, elevating testosterone is no longer just the desire of bodybuilders who are looking for muscle growth; elevating testosterone has become a must for the adult crowd looking to maintain strength, libido and performance.

As a result of extensive research into the effects of elevating testosterone, sports-nutrition scientists have discovered that increasing testosterone alone just isn’t enough. As it turns out, much of the body’s testosterone is bound by sex hormone-binding globulin, and this form of testosterone is responsible for male characteristics and is not actively available for producing the benefits of improved libido, fat loss and muscle maintenance. The form of testosterone we seek for the results we associate with testosterone is called free testosterone. It is actively available in the bloodstream and is responsible for the results we seek when we diet, exercise and supplement to support healthy testosterone levels.

Proper hormonal balance doesn’t end there; if you are supplementing to improve testosterone levels, estrogen will increase, as well. Estrogen is necessary even in men for bone and liver health. However, elevated estrogen levels in men are typically associated with increased fat mass, water retention and loss of libido. Further still, a hormone called cortisol that is released in response to stress (either excessive prolonged exercise or psychological stress) can be elevated when attempting to reach the exertion necessary to promote healthy testosterone levels. Many supplements that claim to support testosterone levels overlook the other hormonal factors that can negate the reported increase in testosterone.

Test-HP features one of the most researched herbal testosterone-boosting ingredients today: Testofen fenugreek extract, 50 percent fenusides. Research indicates that it has significant anabolic activity, increases free testosterone, improves male libido, improves creatine uptake, reduces body fat and promotes muscle maintenance. Test-HP also features 7-methoxyflavone, based on research showing flavones like chrysin to be powerful inhibitors of aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Unfortunately, these flavones had poor bioavailability, and subsequent studies could not duplicate their effectiveness in the human body. Research done by Nga Ta and Thomas Walle at the Medical University of South Carolina showed that

methylated flavones like 7-methoxyflavone were more resistant to metabolism and had much higher absorption rates. Furthermore, 7-methoxyflavone proved to be just as effective as its un-methylated counterparts from the original studies. To aid in stress-hormone (cortisol) management, Test-HP features the ingredients Rhodiola rosea and SerinAid PhosphatidylSerine 20 percent. The Rhodiola rosea used is a higher-quality extract (1 percent rosavins, 3 percent salidroside) supported by research to reduce physical and mental fatigue. SerinAid PhosphatidylSerine 20 percent is supported by research and holds patented claims for reducing cortisol and improving testosterone levels post-exercise.