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The Super Thermogenic

Those familiar with its effectiveness have coined the nickname the “Super Thermogenic” for USPlabs new fat-burning product. It’s called OxyElite Pro, and it’s absolutely unmatched.

Holding Fat Hostage

Whether it’s your stomach, your love handles or even your man boobs, fat can stick to areas and hang on for dear life. So why does this happen?

Blame the alpha-2 receptor. If getting ripped is your goal, it can be your absolute worst enemy. The alpha-2 receptor is the technical term for “trouble spots.” It’s present in certain areas — abdomen, sides, buttocks — and nonexistent in others, which explains why your biceps can get lean but your stomach doesn’t. Its job is to inhibit lipolysis, which basically means it can allow the body to store fat and prevent the body from burning it.

Targeting the Wrong Fat

Many compounds can produce a decrease in visceral fat (i.e., the fat that surrounds your organs), but when it comes to improving how you look, subcutaneous fat is what you’re concerned with because this is the fat that is just below your skin and smothers your muscles. How much subcutaneous fat you have means the difference between looking shredded and looking like you own stock in a donut house.

That’s where OxyElite Pro comes in. It contains a laundry list of extensively studied compounds, all of which help remove that subcutaneous fat that’s obscuring your muscles. Here’s the OxyElite Pro lineup:

Rauwolfia canescens (Rauwolscine)

This compound has been shown to block the alpha-2 receptor in animal and human tissue.

Bauhinia purpurea

This extract is very exciting because, due to various factors (stress, dieting, overtraining), many individuals may have impaired conversion of the thyroid hormone T4 to the “active” version, T3. An extract from the plant Bauhinia purpurea has been shown in healthy adult animal models to increase T4 by 37 percent compared to controls while increasing T3 by an amazing 83 percent. Increasing thyroid hormone is important because it’s known to increase the release of fat into the bloodstream where it can be burned as fuel.

Bacopa monnieri

Extracts from this plant also have been shown to increase thyroid hormone production naturally. In this case, T4 levels increased by 41 percent compared to controls. However, because there was no increase in T3 seen, the authors concluded that this plant extract directly stimulates the release of T4 from the thyroid gland.


Geranium has been used for centuries as a food additive and part of certain cultures’ regular diets. One constitute of geranium is 1,3-Dimethylamylamine — a compound that mimics norepinephrine and therefore boosts fat burning.

Cirsium oligophyllum

Use of this plant is based on a study that showed that, compared to a control group, the extract was able to reduce the gain of bodyweight and fat mass and specifically reduced subcutaneous fat. It’s also been shown to work synergistically with caffeine, potentially producing a more powerful lipolytic effect that far exceeds the effect when used by itself. In fact, the potency of caffeine and Cirsium oligophyllum combined was nearly 10 times greater than Cirsium oligophyllum alone in one study.


Caffeine is often noted for its ability to increase resting energy expenditure while also increasing lipolysis and lipid oxidation. In addition, it is known for its ability to increase feelings of energy, alertness, concentration and euphoria.