Protein Power

Over the decades, diets — from crazy fads to medically proven — have come and gone. But Don Mann, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Dymatize Nutrition, sees a new trend. “Sports nutrition is the new diet,” he says. “While all consumer segments of the sports-nutrition industry appear to be growing, we’re seeing a broadening of the market among weekend warriors and mainstream tone-and-shape customers, beyond the early bodybuilders or performance athletes who first embraced sports nutrition. These consumers are seeking better health, appearance and performance. Needless to say, there are a lot of very fit-looking people these days taking our protein supplements.”
At Dymatize, which was established in 1994 on the basis of a then-revolutionary new type of protein, that product is still king. “Protein is the foundation of sports and fitness nutrition because people who exercise strenuously need up to double the protein of non-exercisers,” says Dr. Rob Wildman, Dymatize’s chief science officer. “No nutrient is more important.”

And that’s why Dymatize makes specialized protein products tailored to various fitness goals. For example, there’s Elite Whey Protein (for everyday supplementation), ISO-100 (for unsurpassed endurance and muscle recovery), Fusion-7 (for advanced meal-replacement science), Elite Mass (for serious strength and mass gainers) and Elite Casein (for overnight extended-release protein). Mann says that all its protein mixes are made using only the highest-quality ingredients, are gluten-free and are manufactured in its own 113,000-square-foot GMP NSF Certified for Sport facility (which means the products are free of ingredients banned by sports organizations).
In early 2012, Dymatize introduced several product innovations, including convenient 10-serve packages for its protein mixes, a reformulation of Elite Casein that Wildman says has an incredible new taste profile and a reformulated Dyma-Burn fat burner that counts raspberry ketones among its ingredients.

“We have also just developed an exciting XP and X2 pre-performance product that we feel takes the entire preworkout/pre-performance category to a new level, without controversial shortcut ingredients that have been so en vogue in recent years,” Wildman says. This is a product that a true, serious athlete, or anybody for that matter, can feel good about in their fitness regimen.”

And while even more products are expected later this year, nothing gets rushed to market. “Our product-development process is extensive and not only ensures that our products are effective, pure and safe, but we make sure that we can deliver on amazing taste because that’s important in our definition of quality,” Wildman says. “All this work is done by scientists, and we are fully committed to proving our products work and can support the claims we make on our packages before they go on the shelves at The Vitamin Shoppe.”

To help consumers further, Dymatize is offering more education on exercise, nutrition, fitness and products than ever before. “Our goal is to put the right Dymatize products in the hands of consumers, each with unique needs, to support the achievement of their goals,” Wildman says.