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Does Your “Pre” Perform?

Finaflex is looking to redefine the preworkout category with STIMUL8®


Congratulations! You made it into the gym today. However, as we all know, just getting there is only half the battle. Now ask yourself, are you going to REDEFINE YOURSELF™ today, or just go through the motions? To avoid a haphazard workout — and if you are serious about making gains in the gym — you should be taking a preworkout supplement. STIMUL8® is a high-performance preworkout made by FINAFLEX® that delivers an unparalleled, first-rep-to-last energy boost in each and every dose. If you are already taking a preworkout, you are making the right choice. But how does your current product measure up to STIMUL8®

The Usual Suspects

Nearly every preworkout on the market is built around a proven handful of ingredients. Never one to shy away from what the lab coats have to say about efficacy, FINAFLEX has stuck to what works – then taken things a step further. In addition to caffeine and beta-alanine, STIMUL8® contains an added, patent-pending ingredient designed to help users burn stored body fat while preserving lean muscle.

Caffeine >> Thanks to a mountain-high (and growing) mound of research, this is a no-brainer in any serious preworkout formula. Caffeine has been proven to acutely increase strength, boost energy and cognition and delay time to fatigue. Taken together, that equals more reps with more weight and the stamina to push hard through even the most grueling high-volume workout. STIMUL8® contains an ideal dose of caffeine in every serving. Ideally taken within 30 minutes of your first rep, caffeine is the foundation for the gains to come.

Beta-Alanine >> Do you feel that tingle? That is the beta-alanine acting to improve your workout. Beta-alanine combines in the body with the amino acid histidine to form carnosine, which has been proven to increase muscle strength, improve muscle endurance, delay fatigue and enhance power. STIMUL8® contains the ideal amount of carnosine (as Carnosyn®) in every dose, boosting your body’s ability to buffer lactic acid, allowing muscle contractions to stay stronger, longer.

So while it uses two supplement all-stars to provide the basis for greater strength, power and stamina during your workout, STIMUL8® takes things a step further with an exclusive, patent-pending ingredient.

IRISINXD® >> This blend of exotic ingredients, which cannot be found in any other product, is a must-have for anyone who wants to push their body to the limit. While providing hours of unparalleled clean energy, IRISINXD® puts the body into a state of extreme thermogenesis, slicing through adipose (read: fat) tissue while preserving and even increasing lean muscle mass. This is your secret weapon for making real, clean-mass gains!*

STIMUL8® is the only is only pre-workout that combines these three fundamental ingredients and more into one great-tasting cocktail. Pick yours up at The Vitamin Shoppe today! It is available now in five tasty flavors (Punch, Watermelon, Apple Blast, Cherry Limeade, and Tropical Storm), as well as an unbelievably flavorful RTD!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.