Mission Accomplished

From its start, Maximum Human Performance — otherwise known as MHP — has stayed true to its founding principles of delivering the most powerful supplements possible.

What happens when you combine industry experience with sheer determination to improve the training and recovery of athletes? As Gerard Dente, a world-class bodybuilder, proves: It is the recipe for a successful supplement company.

While at the top of his competitive career back in 1997, Dente met renowned hormone supplementation expert Vincent Giampapa, M.D. Sharing a vision to develop a line of products that would set a new standard above anything the market had ever seen, they formed Maximum Human Performance and developed Secretagogue-One, a clinically proven human-growth-hormone booster. MHP then introduced another breakthrough product, Trac. This first-ever nitric oxide product delivers muscle- and strength-building results through a patented time-release delivery technology that the company says three of the five New York Giants offensive linemen use religiously.

“Our products are aimed at anyone from the top-level athletes to the average guy in the gym,” says Steve Downs, CSCS, MHP’s marketing director and a former champion bodybuilder. “Anyone will get the results they are looking for with MHP supplements if they are putting in the time at the gym.”

And results are exactly why some of the industry’s top-achieving powerlifters, strongmen and bodybuilders are now MHP-sponsored athletes. “America’s Strongest Man Derek Poundstone, bench-press world record holder Joe Mazza and Arnold Classic champion bodybuilder Victor Martinez sought us out after using our supplements, not the other way around,” says Downs, pointing to what he calls the company’s biggest source of pride. “They believe in the products. It’s the greatest endorsement ever!”

Like any company that depends on and values repeat customers, MHP knows its products have to work. Customers need to see real results, Downs says. And so quality and technologic superiority take center stage during product innovation. This standard has led to such product developments as T-Bomb and its sequel T-Bomb II, which have both led the testosterone category; Probolic-SR, the world’s only 12-hour sustained-release protein; Dark Rage, the first product to combine nitric oxide with erythropoetin (EPO) boosters; and Dren, a powerful fat-burning compound that elicits a state of heightened mental euphoria.

Of course, the products MHP is launching in 2010 are no exception. Take, for instance, what MHP is calling its biggest breakthrough yet in terms of an NO formulation: NO-Bomb. “Using a superior new KN03 nitrite technology and a full clinical dose of 4.5 grams of GlycoCarn, this performance-enhancing formula improves pump, reduces lactic acid, increases recovery and leads to greater muscle growth,” Downs says. “The nitric oxide war has officially ended now that we have dropped the bomb on the competition. Anyone who’s tried it will certainly agree.”

MHP is also debuting a delicious way to increase your protein intake: chocolate or vanilla caramel Probolic High-Protein Power Pudding. A ready-to-eat product with 30 grams of protein in a 9-ounce serving, it’s also low in sugar and carbs, making it a great way to get quality protein without sucking down yet another shake.

“MHP has remained true to our goal of delivering the absolute highest quality and most effective products science has to offer,” Downs says. “We’re not just a supplement company — helping people achieve Maximum Human Performance is our mission.”