It Does a Body Good

CytoSport’s Milk products deliver monster-size muscles beyond Mother Nature’s wildest dreams.

Throughout the history of sports, there have been famous father-son duos — think Yogi and Dale Berra, Archie and Peyton Manning, and Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.

But athletes, bodybuilders and gym-goers may not as easily identify the father-son duo that started CytoSport supplement company in 1998: Greg and Mike Pickett. Over the past 13 years, their brainchild has grown into a premier manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional products that address the needs of athletes and active-lifestyle individuals.

“At CytoSport, our motto is ‘Driven by science, inspired by performance’ because we rely on science to create the best products we can,” Greg Pickett says. “We feel fortunate to be a part of your success. To help you achieve goals. To leave the gym or practice feeling like there is still more in you.”

Muscle Milk, whether the powder, beverages or bars, is the company’s flagship brand and may be the most recognizable CytoSport product on store shelves. Its precise blend of proteins, functional fats, low-sugar carbohydrates and 20 vitamins and minerals in a lactose-free formula is an ideal nutritional choice whether you’re a performance athlete, watching your diet or simply desire to gain strength and maintain lean muscle mass.

“It really all starts with a great product,” Mike Pickett says. “Nike started with a great running shoe. We have a great core protein product and are taking that to users in adjacent categories with specialized functionalities. So we are particularly excited about our new Monster line — Monster Milk, Monster Pump, Monster Amino and Monster Maize — because it provides us the opportunity to innovate for the gym-centric, bodybuilding consumer with specific products to address their needs.”

Monster Milk is the ultimate nutritional tool for building monster-size muscle, thanks to a patented bioactive polypeptide enzyme system to ensure extreme ease of digestion. Monster Pump is a preworkout formula designed to give powerful skin-bursting pumps, improved mental focus and functional energy. Monster Amino is an anabolic muscle-fueling cocktail loaded with 5 grams of highly absorbable branched-chain amino acids and Monster Maize carbohydrates (waxy maize starch and maltodextrin).

CytoSport manufactures its powder and pre-blend for ready-to-drink products in its 150,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, so it controls every step of the mixing and packaging process. Its products and manufacturing facility are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified for Sport by NSF International — which has a partnership with the NFL and the NFL Players Association and maintains the only accredited American National Standard to certify dietary supplements: NSF/ANSI Standard 173. The Certified for Sport program is designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement or sports-nutrition product contains banned substances.

As such, CytoSport is proud to have a diverse roster of athletes who trust its products for their training and nutrition needs. Partnerships include such elite-level athletes as Andre Johnson, Clay Matthews, Ryan Braun, Brandon Roy, Shaquille O’Neal, Chrissie Wellington and Matt Reed.

“When industry experts and scientists bring us an idea, we listen,” Mike Pickett says. “When your performance inspires us, we act. We’re about innovation. Taste is at the forefront of everything we do. People expect CytoSport products to work well and taste good. That has become a CytoSport promise.”