From Bodybuilding to Body Building

Perhaps you’ve noticed the shift in the industry, though you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. It’s as simple as the addition of a space to a word you’re very familiar with. “Bodybuilding has transitioned to body building,” says Anthony Presciano, vice president of GAT and one of the most recognizable men’s fitness figures. “The supplement industry is no longer just for bodybuilders seeking to build massive muscles. People are using CrossFit, TRX, P90X, high-intensity group interval training, running, cycling, yoga and other workouts to build their bodies — to slim down, tone up, improve their conditioning and so forth. GAT’s heritage is in ‘bodybuilding,’ but it is rapidly evolving to address the needs of ‘body building’ with a broader definition that appeals to people who just want to be in shape and build their bodies to be slimmer, trimmer and in better physical condition. The meaning of the term is expanding.”

With every type of athlete in mind, GAT launched Supertein Multi-Protein & Amino Supershake. With 45 grams of a high-quality protein blend per two scoops, the powder was formulated specifically to assist with building lean muscle. It’s fortified with additional amino acids (branched-chain amino acids and glutamine), CLA (to support fat-burning health) and the prebiotic inulin (to support digestive health). Plus, it’s as easy on the taste buds as it is on the stomach — the advanced flavor system was refined through two years of research and development. The chocolate is distinguished by a delicious fudge-flavored cocoa powder and the vanilla by a malted-milk flavor. Finally, Supertein boasts zero trans fat and a clinically studied antioxidant with 17 times the power of pomegranate. 

“The tag line is Supertein: Protein Built to Build,” Presciano says, “because it helps people with a wide range of workout goals to build their bodies.” He also notes that it’s stackable with thermogenics like GAT’s JetFuel fat burners to help accelerate results.

GAT not only has been busy creating products — it takes nearly a year of prep work to produce a new one — but it has also been working with some of the best-known athletes around. The company recently signed record-breaking professional strongman Robert Oberst as a testament to its commitment to strength athletics. Hollywood’s new action hero — actor and martial artist Julien Greaux — is inspired by GAT’s iconic products. And IFBB professional bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach Dennis James is also a GAT believer, helping build global awareness of this hardcore brand.

“We’re a bodybuilding brand that will never turn our back on bodybuilders,” Presciano says. “But every woman or man — regardless of how they look or what they weigh or what their body-fat percent is — deserves the same opportunity to have hardcore supplements support their fitness needs. So this is our reason for expanding our audience. We’re looking to attract motivated individuals who are serious about their fitness, their physique and their health. At GAT, we believe body building can be a part of everyone’s life.”