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Experience the Post-Training Pump

Workouts that yield great pumps are believed to produce greater increases in muscle size. So what if you could keep your pump going for hours after your workout? The result may be greater muscle-size gains for you.

What Is a “Pump”?
Muscle tissue temporarily expands in volume or becomes “pumped” during intense exercise. This is associated with muscle hypertrophy, the scientific term for an increase in muscle size. The pump is caused by a number of factors:

Blood: In between sets, blood rushes into working muscles. If you don’t rest too long, the blood progressively accumulates, causing muscles to expand.

Plasma: Plasma makes up about 50 percent of blood volume. As you work out, plasma moves from blood vessels into the spaces between muscle cells.

Muscle cells: Working muscle cells accumulate water, causing them to expand.

In Search of the Post-Training Pump

How is the pump linked to muscle hypertrophy? Scientists don’t yet know. What we do know is that the bigger and longer lasting your pumps, the bigger your muscles are likely to become. This is why achieving a great postworkout pump is so desirable. Besides, who doesn’t want their muscles to look big and vascular hours after leaving the gym?

GAT specifically formulated Nitraflex pre-trainer to help advanced lifters increase the muscle-building intensity of their workouts. It was put to the test in a double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study performed by an independent research organization. In the study, experienced lifters were given Nitraflex for two weeks. Over this short period, all subjects increased their bench press one-rep max strength by 5 to 10 pounds, muscle work capacity by an average of 21.6 percent, and free testosterone by an average of 13.4 percent.

New Adenoflex Post-Trainer
Each ingredient in this heavily dosed post-training concentrate was chosen on the basis of its ability to promote the expansion of blood, plasma or muscle cells. More important, Adenoflex provides users with benefits that are noticeable acutely (i.e., after one use) and over the medium (one to four weeks of use) and long term (four to eight weeks).

Build Blood and Plasma for Greater Size Gains
It stands to reason that if you build blood and plasma, your postworkout pumps should improve alongside. In a clinical study, subjects taking a key ingredient in Adenoflex for eight days increased their levels of the powerful blood-building hormone erythropoietin by an average of 26 percent. Hemoglobin, hematocrit and red blood cell size also increased. Another key ingredient in Adenoflex increased plasma volume by an average of 14 percent after 28 days.

Nutrient Partitioning Effects
Stimulating the uptake of nutrients by your muscle cells (nutrient partitioning) also promotes postworkout pumps. One of the key ingredients in Adenoflex consists of a unique “food form” of a mineral shown in vitro to stimulate glucose uptake into human muscle cells up to threefold. Glucose is the building block of muscle glycogen. After your workouts, synthesis of muscle glycogen contributes to the post-training pump.

Getting a great pump during workouts is one thing. Keeping that pump going strong for hours postworkout is something that may take your muscle-size gains to an entirely new level. To intensify and prolong your post-training pumps, you’ll want to promote muscle expansion at the blood, plasma and muscle cell levels. Now you can do it all and more with GAT’s new Adenoflex post-trainer.