Choose Your Own Fat Burner

Successful companies know they need to deliver options to their customers: Coffee with flavors galore. Sunglasses to fit every face shape. Cars with a dozen trim levels. And fat burners with various formulas for every body type.

The latter comes from GAT in the form of JetFuel, five categories of thermogenics that give customers the options they crave. “This allows the customer to choose the JetFuel fat burner they’re looking for — Superburn, T-300 or Pyro — and either take it alone or with Accelerator or AQX,” says Anthony Presciano, vice president of GAT and one of the most recognizable male fitness celebrities. “Consumers should try each new JetFuel and see which one they like best or switch formulas if they get tired of using the same product.”

JetFuel Superburn, he explains, is a super-concentrated fat burner ideal for taking before cardio to help you sweat and burn fat faster. It contains Withania somnifera, L-theanine and Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) to improve the stimulant feel of the product and is driven by a delivery system that combines micronization with a powerful superdisintegrant to promote faster release for faster results.

Next is T-300, a dual fat burner/testosterone booster for men with a high tolerance to stimulants. “It burns fat and raises testosterone, which is every man’s dream,” says Presciano, who adds that it also can be used as a preworkout product, especially before heavy weightlifting sessions. It contains CFB, a patented nature-identical compound shown in clinical studies to increase free testosterone levels by an average of 17 percent within three hours.

Finally, there’s Pyro, a yohimbe-free “feel good” fat burner that contains B vitamins to help support energy metabolism and super-antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals. This product is ideal for lower-tolerance users, women or anyone who finds other fat burners to be too harsh. “This non-jitter formula with cognitive enhancers will put you in a good mood while you’re dieting,” Presciano says.

The aforementioned fat burners do a great job as stand-alone products but also stack nicely with either of the following two products. The first is JetFuel AQX, a pro-aquaretic formula designed to help reduce and prevent the accumulation of excess water weight. Free of caffeine and other stimulants, it can help women who suffer from water retention associated with PMS or anyone wanting to get ready for the beach or a special occasion. The second is JetFuel Accelerator, a stimulant-free product ideal for anyone seeking greater appetite control or wanting to stimulate fat burning later in the day when stimulants are not desired. It contains acetyl-l-carnitine and raspberry ketones to support the breakdown and burning of body fat.

And if you’re an advanced athlete looking for greater results from your training, Presciano recommends that you take GAT’s preworkout formula Nitraflex and its new postworkout formula Adenoflex. “In a clinical trial, Nitraflex was shown to boost muscular strength, stamina and testosterone in subjects after only two weeks of use,” he explains. “These subjects were experienced athletes, with three to 15 years of lifting under their belts. Yet in just two weeks, they increased their bench press one-rep maximum by 5 to 10 pounds, a highly impressive feat. By taking delicious Adenoflex after training, now athletes can experience the ‘post-training pump’ and promote greater volumization and anabolism at three levels: blood, plasma and muscle cell. A clinical trial on Adenoflex is currently in the works.”