Best Of Both Worlds

Late at night, between meals or even after a tough workout, your sugar-starved body can deceive you into thinking that a helping of peanut butter cups is the best medicine. Torn between chocolaty bliss and your chocolate protein powder, it becomes a high-stakes test of will that places your gains at risk. Will it be the sustained flood of aminos from your shake, or the momentary satisfaction of what you will attempt to justify as “glycogen replacement”? 


With its new multi-source peanut butter protein powder, Quest brings all the creamy richness of that peanut butter cup without the guilt (read: calories and blood-sugar woes) of actually eating one. When cravings are taking hold, a protein shake can serve as a deterrent against binge eating while also helping you recover from your previous gym session. But a bland, chalky offering is more likely to have you reaching for the treat box, causing unwanted spikes in insulin that can cause your body to store fat. That’s where this new flavor comes in.


But this is no dessert protein. Quest has gone to great lengths to include 21 grams of high-quality, staple protein sources — including fast-digesting whey isolate and slower-absorbing micellar casein and milk protein isolate — per serving that encourage a steady stream of aminos for several hours. Weighing in at only 110 calories and just 1 gram of sugar per scoop, Quest’s peanut butter protein is also gluten-free and contains no unwanted sugar or soy.


Since peanut butter and chocolate are such universally amazing flavors, you can use this protein powder to concoct other muscle-friendly treats such as pancakes, muffins and cupcakes. Quest peanut butter protein powder is a groundbreaking cooking companion for all your favorite #CheatClean recipes. Ditch the junk — and the guilt — for this perfect ingredient and turn your carb-heavy cheat into a protein-rich treat.