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Back To The Future

Bodybuilders, powerlifters and pro athletes all attested to the performance-enhancing benefits of ephedrine. And research backed them up, showing that ephedrine not only increased energy but also burned body fat and ultimately led to long-term improvements in performance, strength and muscle mass. This was particularly true with the classic “ECA” stack, containing ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration banned ephedrine in 2004 for use in sports supplements.

Now, though, there’s great news. A new product, 1.M.R (One More Rep) from BPI Sports, incorporates an active ingredient with ephedrine-like effects and stacks it with numerous other performance-enhancing ingredients to deliver the energy you need to get the results you want from your most intense workouts.

You know that empty feeling you sometimes have when you enter the gym: Your tank is on empty, but you’ve got a tough workout ahead of you. In the past, you may have reached for a dose of ephedrine to boost your performance. Today, you can use 1MR. This energy booster is highly concentrated, delivering all the energy you need in one small (8 gram) scoop. Products claiming to be comparable require you to take three full scoops for the same — or inferior — results. 1.M.R is able to achieve all of this because of its concentrated and standardized formulation, containing proven, high-quality, performance-enhancing ingredients. These actives include:

* 1,3 dimethylamylamine for improved performance and results.

Perhaps the most critical ingredient in 1MR is 1,3 dimethylamylamine. This derivative of geranium oil gives you the same boost that you get from your own adrenaline and is a powerful substance that stimulates your central nervous system, providing energy and focus to boost athletic performance. This is especially true when you’re undergoing calorie restriction or during intense training phases.

It also burns body fat, increasing the chemical messenger cAMP that helps your body release fat from storage. Another advantage of 1,3 dimethylamylamine is that it is a bronchodilator, which helps to decrease airway resistance, delivering more oxygen to your body and to your working muscles.

All these advantages come together to drive you through your hardest workouts, helping you use oxygen and body fat for longer-lasting energy, ultimately enhancing muscle-building results.

* Caffeine anhydrous to boost energy and burn body fat.

It’s hard to dispute that a cup or two of coffee can perk you up and make you feel more energetic. Research has shown, though, that caffeine anhydrous is an even more effective form of caffeine than coffee for boosting energy, strength and endurance. And caffeine anhydrous is the form of caffeine that’s included in 1.M.R.

Caffeine provides multiple benefits for serious weight trainers. It can improve your strength and endurance during workouts when you take it shortly before training. Caffeine also helps your body burn fat — pulling it from storage so that you can use it while you’re working out. Another benefit is that caffeine reduces the amount of pain you perceive during your working sets. Most importantly, caffeine complements 1,3 dimethylamylamine to boost the benefits of both ingredients. 1.M.R contains 300 milligrams of caffeine. Remember that caffeine may affect your ability to sleep, so use it earlier in the day, shortly before workouts rather than at bedtime.

* Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins to enhance recovery.

Research has demonstrated that this class of potent phytochemicals may provide many benefits to serious weight trainers. In studies, these compounds have been shown to improve the healing of wounds. They also help regenerate damaged blood vessels. This means that grape seed extract helps improve recovery from intense weight training, allowing bodybuilders and strength athletes to make better long-term gains.

In addition, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidinsare powerful antioxidants, delivering more of these beneficial chemicals to trained muscles to help prevent oxidative damage. Harmful free radicals are produced when the body undergoes stresses such as training with heavy weights, and the antioxidant effect of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidinshelps destroy free radicals, allowing the body to recover and grow more readily.

These are just some of the key active ingredients in 1.M.R. Others include the vasodilator arginine, the muscle-builder creatine, and a whole host of others such as beta alanine, l-taurine, l-tyrosine and n-acetyl l-tyrosine. This proprietary blend of bronchodilators, CNS stimulators, vasodilators, cAMP up-regulators and antioxidants provides highly concentrated energy in one small scoop. When you use 1.M.R, you’ll see a significant difference — both in the amount of energy you have in the gym and in the gains you make from your workouts.

For best results, take 1.M.R on workout days about thirty minutes before you train. Follow all labeling instructions and avoid taking more than the recommended dosage due to the product’s concentrated potency.

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