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In the last few years, simple blends of whole proteins have been touted as the newest and best form of protein supplementation, with the most recent newcomer being whey protein hydrolysates. But one company has been producing whey hydrolysate supplements for more than a decade. Proto Whey has been in the marketplace since 1997, and BNRG has been enthusiastically improving its proprietary DTP technology all the while.

DTP, which stands for di- and tripeptide, represents the newest and most profound breakthrough in protein nutrition, and you can find it exclusively in the BNRG product line. DTP technology is the result of 20-plus years of research and improvements to existing whey protein hydrolysate nutrition. It is a multifaceted process designed specifically to deliver protein throughout the body in a new and unmatched level of efficiency. In addition to an unparalleled protein profile, DTP includes SoftPsil, a unique, micronized form of fiber and medium-chain triglycerides for absorptive energy. All this is wrapped up in BNRG’s newest design achievement — a highly evolved and specialized third-generation flavor processing that delivers this nutrition in a format so delicious you could only call it decadent.

Peptide Power

The structure of protein is that of long chains of amino acids that are broken down via digestion into increasingly smaller chunks, called peptides, and ultimately to the basic units of free-form amino acids. These aminos are then carried by highly specific amino-acid transporters into the blood and then either metabolized by the liver or distributed directly to muscle and other cells in the body. But it is now understood that the smallest peptides (dipeptides and tripeptides) are taken up preferentially by what’s called the PEPT-1 transporter.

DTP technology was created to take full advantage of this highly efficient pathway. Unhydrolyzed or whole proteins are large peptides. Instead of relying on complete digestion of these large peptides, Proto Whey delivers whey protein in a form that is highly concentrated in dipeptides and tripeptides. This assemblage delivers to the absorptive surface of the small intestine extremely small peptide fractions containing up to 40 percent dipeptides and tripeptides embedded in SoftPsil micronized fiber. The outcome is a protein supplement that has been shown to result in higher nitrogen retention, making less go farther for muscle and whole-body protein synthesis.

During digestion of whole proteins (isolates, concentrates, caseinates) most of the dipeptides and tripeptides are further broken down by enzymes called enteropeptidases. The resulting amino acids are subject to loss through liver function, especially when large amounts of protein have been consumed. DTP partially circumvents this by sending a flush of dipeptides and tripeptides fluxing through the PEPT-1 transporters at concentrations that overwhelm the enteropeptidases. This results in a significantly larger quantity of dipeptides and tripeptides passing into the bloodstream, mitigating loss through liver metabolism.

Following the rapid absorption of existing dipeptides and tripeptides in Proto Whey is a second wave, resulting from the digestion and absorption of the balance of the micropeptides in similar fashion. Other protein fractions follow, moving through a similar set of enzymes that cleave them into another overpowering wave of dipeptides and tripeptides. This rapid, precision delivery system is held in place by the SoftPsil micronized soluble fiber matrix and fueled with additional medium-chain triglycerides, allowing the process to repeat until completed. The ultimate result is a DTP assault, shock and awe if you will, nourishing your body with dipeptides and tripeptides for incredible protein nutrition.