They Sweat the Small Stuff


If we had to pick an adage to sum up BPI Sports, we’d go with Necessity is the mother of invention. The fledgling company’s inception in September 2009 came after its founder listened to those who demand the most out of their bodies and then decided to use research and development to give them the latest and most cutting-edge sports-performance supplements possible.

Put another way: “We saw an opportunity in the marketplace,” says Chris MacKenzie, operations manager at BPI. “There was a definite void present. We felt that there was a need for a company with extremely strong retail relationships in addition to a line of products that not only worked but also worked better. We pay attention to every detail. In other words, we sweat the small stuff — every label, every ingredient.”

That vigilance and dedication have paid off. What started out as “two guys, a girl and a fax machine in a 1,500-square-foot work space,” as MacKenzie describes BPI’s humble beginnings, has grown to 13 staff members, a 16,000-square-foot distribution center and a product line with a die-hard loyal following. It’s that following, in fact, that BPI credits, in part, for its success. “BPI Sports is now the fastest-growing sports nutrition company in the entire country,” MacKenzie says.

But to have achieved such success a mere year and a half after inception required not just a massive fan base but also an innovative product line. “Our line is developed based on the premise that everything in it is ultra-concentrated and extra-strength,” MacKenzie says. “No more having to take eight to 10 capsules a day of anything. No more multiple scoop servings when the label says only one.”

BPI’s flagship product, 1.M.R, for example, delivers a nonstop dose of blood-pumping vascularity in one small ultra-concentrated scoop. BPI’s testosterone booster, A-HD (formerly Arimedex HD), works by binding to the enzyme aromatase, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. RoxyLean, BPI’s fat burner, contains a thermogenic, a stimulant and a bronchial dilator in the precise ratio required to promote weight loss and increases in lean muscle mass.

And now, to round out its line, BPI is introducing its own protein powder. “With the launch of our new protein, Super Pro, it’s just a matter of time before everyone starts incorporating this one in their diet,” MacKenzie says. “This bioavailable multi-blend protein matrix has seven different proteins — including whey, casein and milk concentrate — and 25 digestive enzymes to help break down the protein and aid digestion. It is available in chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream, and it contains BCAAs and healthy fats and tastes amazing.”

MacKenzie says the key to BPI’s overwhelming success in such a short period is this: “Listen, listen, then do our job better than everyone else. The best and strongest formulas, innovative ideas and a ton of integrity have been paying dividends. We don’t believe in paying high-profile bodybuilders or actors to promote our products. We support real people with amazing results. And that is BPI.”