There’s No Secret to This Company’s Success


Having recently celebrated his young company’s second anniversary, CEO and co-founder of Top Secret Nutrition Tom Richardson is excited about its success. “To say we’re just a sports-nutrition company would be shortchanging us,” he says. “The concept, when we launched, was to create a company that supported and fueled active lifestyles 24/7, not just in the gym. Every product we produce supports this mission. The foundation of our health and wellness products is pretty much set, so in 2013, we’re expanding our sports-nutrition and weight-management categories.”

One of these new products, on the sports-nutrition side, is Cardio Igniter, an aerobic exercise amplifier and fat-burning incinerator. “When you walk into a gym, say the left side is where they’re doing all the weight training and the right side is where people are doing cardio. If you look at sports-nutrition supplements, there are a slew of products for those on the left side doing weight training. But there are an equal number of people on the right side of the gym doing cardio, and there was no product designed for them. Until Cardio Igniter, which does two main things: improves aerobic capacity and helps burn more fat. The crazy thing is, there are a ton of people from the left side of the gym who also love it and use it as their preworkout.” Some key ingredients include red-beet extract (which is naturally high in the nitrates that increase nitric-oxide levels), CarnoSyn beta-alanine (an amino acid that promotes muscular energy) and ursolic acid (to help hold on to more muscle while on a caloric deficit).

On the weight-management side, another new product is L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones, a unique fat-burning formula. The raspberry ketones aid lipolysis by stimulating the receptors on fat cells to release fat into the bloodstream, while the carnitine takes the released fat and shuttles it into the cells to be burned as energy.

Richardson explains that while most diet products are either thermogenics, fat-releasing agents or appetite suppressants, another of Top Secret’s new products, L-Carnitine Plus Green Coffee Extract, focuses on blood sugar. “In today’s world of obesity and Type 2 diabetes, most of the people are that way because of insulin resistance,” Richardson says. “Green-coffee extract is great for dieting because it has a positive influence on blood sugar and a positive influence on insulin resistance — two factors that are contributors to obesity. Clinical studies show that it’s one of the few products you can take without changing your diet or exercise program and possibly lose weight. So we combined that with the L-carnitine.” And, with only about 30 milligrams of caffeine, it won’t cause jitters.

Speaking of skipping the jitters, the final new product in Top Secret’s fat-burning hat trick is Extreme Jitter Free Fat Burner, which combines five ingredients into one: 40 milligrams of caffeine from guarana extract, white-kidney-bean extract to help block carbs, green-coffee extract, raspberry ketones and ForsLean, an herb for thyroid support. Together, they help release fat and help your body burn it as an energy source.