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The Power of Leucine


The industry insiders who launched the amino-acid revolution of the 1980s have recently recognized new advances showing the powerful benefits of the branched-chain amino acid leucine. In the early days, all aminos were considered equal. As long you took in enough, you would grow. But emerging research now shows the true anabolic superstar to be leucine. Leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis more than any other amino acid and holds more potential for muscle repair and growth. Among amino acids, leucine is king.

All-new Monster Amino from CytoSport addresses the latest research and delivers an 8:1:1 BCAA ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine. Additionally, Monster Amino is a full-spectrum amino-acid formula that provides essential and nonessential amino acids. Essential amino acids are not synthesized by the body. Nonessential amino acids are synthesized by the body from the normal breakdown of dietary proteins.

Leucine for mTOR Activation
Recent research has shown that leucine-enriched beverages consumed with exercise synergistically activate and prolong activity of the mammalian target of rapamyacin signaling pathway, which increases the potential of the muscle to grow. The mTOR pathway is the “trigger” that signals the very genesis of muscle protein synthesis.

Monster Amino is able to achieve an advanced 8:1:1 BCAA ratio by combining PepForm Leucine Peptides along with free-form leucine, isoleucine and valine. PepForm Leucine Peptides are made from a unique process that binds free-form leucine to leucine peptides isolated from whey proteins using advanced fractionation and separation technologies. This novel separation and processing technology results in a substantially enhanced leucine delivery as well as enhanced solubility of other amino acids. Monster Amino provides 3.5 grams of PepForm Leucine Peptides and free-form leucine per serving.

Enhanced Uptake
Each serving of Monster Amino also features citrulline malate, a nonessential amino acid that supports arginine content in the body, which leads to vasodilation. Vasodilation means your blood vessels expand, helping with enhanced amino-acid flow throughout the body.

No Proprietary Blends
Monster Amino offers label transparency — in every serving, you see the exact quantities for each active ingredient. There are no confusing proprietary blends that leave consumers wondering whether there really is enough of an ingredient to even bother with. With Monster Amino, you will see that there are no fillers used to hide underdosed ingredients.

Versatile Usage
Sugar free and containing only 10 calories, Monster Amino can be used in a variety of ways without denting your daily nutrition plan. A serving can be used immediately postworkout to help start the recovery process. Monster Amino also may be used before or during workouts to fuel amino-acid pools. Additionally, a serving may be used between meals for a great-tasting amino-acid boost.