The Monster in Your Pantry


Mixed martial artists have to be total monsters in the gym in order to survive a round in the arena. So it makes perfect sense that the company that owns the Monster brand, CytoSport Inc., has entered the MMA realm this year.

“We’ve signed two top fighters: light-heavyweight Ryan Bader and middleweight Chris Weidman,” says Greg Sellers, brand manager of CytoSport Inc. “Both are up-and-coming fighters and have embraced the Monster product collection for their demanding training regimens. They both fit well with the Monster brand and embody the very nature of this high-performance supplement collection.”

Sellers explains that his company has continued to bolster the Monster product range by developing Monster Protein and bringing Monster Casein and Monster Creatine into the Monster family.

Monster Protein is a great choice for the price-sensitive consumer looking for an everyday foundational protein powder. It contains a matrix of casein and whey proteins and, like all CytoSport powders, it’s NSF Certified for Sport (ensuring the highest quality available and free of any banned substances). Available in two convenient sizes — a 2-pound container in chocolate, vanilla, banana, cookies n crème and strawberry, and a 4-pounder in chocolate and vanilla — it’s also fortified with amino acids. At 25 grams of protein per serving, Monster Protein is rich in high-quality, multi-source protein and provides 3.5 grams of fat and 12 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

“It’s designed to mix easily in a shaker bottle or blender, providing a great-tasting shake either at home or on the go,” Sellers says. “Protein is an integral part of the elite athlete’s diet and serves as the foundation on which sound nutritional protocols are built. This formula helps deliver muscle-building proteins into the athlete’s diet and aids in recovery after tough workouts in the weight room.”

In addition, the company expanded the Monster collection by pulling Monster Casein and Monster Creatine from its base CytoSport line and adding them to the Monster series, providing a wider selection for consumers who enjoy Monster products.

CytoSport Monster Protein

Bader, a top-10 MMA fighter, has a grueling pre-fight training schedule — during the week he trains three times a day, twice on Saturdays and takes off Sundays. At 17 sessions a week, Bader’s intense routine requires proper fuel. “Nutrition has always been a key part of my training program, and I’m excited to join the Monster Milk family,” Bader says. “Working out is my job and my passion, and it’s important to have the support from high-quality, safe nutritional products like Monster Milk to help fuel me to the next level.”

CytoSport’s plans for the rest of 2013 are as ambitious as the first few months were. “We plan to continue to innovate with relevant products for the Monster series,” Sellers says. “And we’ll continue to support the bodybuilding/Physique/Bikini realm with athlete and event support across the country. Finally, with our new product range, we will expand our support to MMA/Elite Sports Performance training facilities.”