The (Business)man Behind the Muscles

Supplementation coupled with a free diet and training program helps Scivation’s customers raise the bar.

Most competitive bodybuilders find the term “meathead” insulting. But Marc Lobliner, president of Scivation Inc., national-level NPC bodybuilder and a former world-class powerlifter, is a self-proclaimed educated meathead — he competes based on a “practice what you preach” approach in which he only uses the products he knows are research-proven: his own.

“In my opinion, Scivation is the epitome of what a supplement company should be,” Lobliner says. “We’re a bit selfish … we make supplements that we want to take — the ones I always wish I had as a consumer before I founded this company in 2004. We turn our dream supplements into reality.”

But Lobliner is aware that less than 1 percent of his customers actually compete. The rest, he says, just want to improve their bodies and focus their minds. Therefore, his company caters to casual and professional athletes in two ways: first, through Team Scivation, and second, through the company’s diverse array of supplements.

Team Scivation — an insulin-controlling diet, training and supplementation program with more than 50,000 members worldwide available for free on — offers customized support to help members reach their goals, whether they want to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies or step onstage and compete. Members simply enter basic information into the Team Scivation Plan Generator and then download their personalized program, which can be tweaked along the way. The site also offers a journal to track progress and an e-newsletter subscription filled with diet and training articles.

Because supplementation is a large part of the Team Scivation program, Lobliner points to the three that are most often recommended: Xtend, a precise intraworkout blend of branched-chain amino acids that is scientifically proven to double your fat loss, double your muscle gain and double your strength when compared to whey protein; Quake 10.0, a preworkout formula that supports lean mass gains, promotes muscle pumps, and provides energy and mental focus; and Whey, a whey protein that is loaded with BCAAs and glutamine to help build muscle, is fast acting for postworkout use and is aspartame free.

“Whey has such a great taste and is such a high-quality product that I serve it to my kids,” Lobliner says. “And I’d only give them the very best.” Lobliner knows what’s “the best” because he, along with his team, walks the walk and talks the talk. “I’m not some old, overweight guy in a polo shirt who sits behind a desk all day and then goes home to sit on the couch and eat a buffet all night,” he says. “It’s sad that in an industry of health and fitness, a point of differentiation is, well, health and fitness. We stand behind our products because we put these products in our bodies and compete.”