Speedy Results


Millions of high-school, college and professional athletes are looking for supplements, training and nutritional answers to help give them an edge over the competition—and an edge they can depend on, because recent news of athletes testing positive for banned substances (blaming supposedly “tainted” sports nutrition products) have left athletes, coaches, trainers and parents confused about which products they can trust to push them to the next level.

That’s why Inner Armour decided to launch a line of sports nutrition supplements for pro, college and high-school athletes that is banned-substance-free and powerful. And how do the company leaders know they’re powerful? Because they’ve seen the results from testing them on the best athletes in the world: those at the Parisi Speed School, the nation’s authority in improving performance in all major sports.

With 45 schools across the country — and consultants to Reebok, the American College of Sports Medicine, the NFL’s New York Giants and New England Patriots, Rutgers University, the NFL Youth Football Foundation and Nike — the Parisi Speed School has trained more than 100,000 athletes from every major sport, resulting in more than 125 NFL draft picks and record-breaking Olympic medalists.

“The Inner Armour supplement line is undeniably the most powerful muscle-building and performance-enhancing breakthrough I have ever seen our athletes use in my 17 years of training,” says Bill Parisi, founder of the Parisi Speed School. “It helped our athletes turn their muscles into massive record-smashing machines. The 2009 NFL Combine class of athletes is by far the biggest, fastest and strongest group I have ever seen. Inner Armour products are the only ones that the Parisi Speed School uses, endorses and recommends to its athletes. It’s the only supplement line we trust.”

With its six-product portfolio just recently added to Vitamin Shoppe’s offerings, Inner Armour is quickly gaining momentum with a national audience. Each product — including Nitro-Peak protein powder, Nitro-Peak 50x liquid protein shots, Mass-Peak weight gainer, Phospho-Peak creatine/ ATP optimizer, Training-Peak multivitamin performance packs and Glyco-Peak sports-drink mix — contains some of the world’s most groundbreaking clinically tested ingredients in the actual amounts in which they were tested, without the use of any banned substances. Each Inner Armour product also includes one of five free Secrets the Pros Use DVDs, which offer training tips used on Parisi Speed School athletes to increase strength, speed and agility. “These are the real training methods, straight from what we teach our pro athletes,” Parisi says.

Parisi refers to one of Inner Armour’s products in particular, Phospho-Peak, as an athlete’s dream. “Athletes depend on their body’s ability to produce and reproduce ATP for strength, speed and power output,” he says. “Phospho-Peak maximizes muscle ATP levels by using clinical amounts of Peak-ATP, the world’s first oral bioavailable pure ATP, beta alanine, Creapure, phosphates and Krebs cycle intermediates, making it uniquely suited to maximize overall mass, muscle speed, strength and power.”

In fact, Inner Armour’s science-based banned-substance-free Phospho-Peak formula has been shown to increase total lifting weight 28.2 percent and increase total reps 18.5 percent.

As Inner Armour’s vision of bringing athletes the most effective and respected, clinically tested, banned-substance-free supplements available is realized, company officials are proud to have a hand in helping shape the next generation of top sports performers.