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As part of its relaunch, Prolab Nutrition is taking powerful steps to expand and improve on its high-quality sports nutrition lineup

How does a widely recognized, long-standing sports nutrition company that has been providing professional and aspiring bodybuilders and elite athletes with high-quality sports nutrition products since 1989 take its vision to the next level? It keeps its name — Prolab Nutrition Inc. — but morphs its image by improving flavoring, refocusing product offerings and creating bolder packaging.

“The company was originally created to fill a need for a no-nonsense line of products just for bodybuilders and elite athletes,” says Tracy Holland, Prolab’s brand manager. “But now we’re shifting our focus to the everyday athlete too. The high-school football player who wants to play in college, people training for marathons — any type of athlete really looking to improve their performance and increase muscle.”

Those everyday athletes will find it easy to become a Prolab customer. “We are performance simplified,” Holland says. “We’ve made it easy to select which products you need to maximize results, our labels are easy to read and our products are easy to stack. And our revamped protein flavors are more [like] milkshakes in taste and easier to mix than ever. Our proteins tasted great before, but now they’re even more awesome.”

Part of Prolab’s relaunch, which happened in July 2010, included streamlining the company’s products down to its top sellers. But don’t worry about your favorite Prolab product no longer being available — customer demand dictated which products remained. The three product categories now available are proteins, muscle builders, and diet and energy.

“A product we’ve had since day one that is still our most popular, N-Large2, helps you gain pounds of powerful dense, lean muscle,” Holland says. “It was specifically formulated to address the unique nutritional needs of hardgainers. Each serving is loaded with 600 body-fueling calories, 52 grams of growth-inducing whey, and fast- and slow-absorbing carbs for optimum postworkout glycogen replenishment.”

Prolab is also excited about its newest product, which hit store shelves in July: Cuts II Gold, the perfect complement for anyone striving to achieve a chiseled physique. This formula targets energy metabolism to help prime the body to burn fuel. Next, L-carnitine helps shuttle fats deep into cells — to what Holland refers to as the “fat-burning factories” for incineration. At the same time, the precision nutrient chromium picolinate helps optimize carbohydrate and fat metabolism, which promotes efficient nutrient utilization. Finally, a blend of water-balancing herbs helps to reduce excess fluids that cause the dreaded “smooth and bloated” look.

Prolab is committed to promoting dedicated athletes, among them Moji Oluwa, who has won 43 bodybuilding titles, including the 2009 Natural Bodybuilding Championship, and Angela Terlesky, who won first place at the 2006 NPC USA Figure Championship, Class D. And because nothing in Prolab’s products are against regulations in any sport, Team Prolab athletes can compete in confidence.

“We are proud of our reputation as a premium quality brand due to our focus on delivering high-quality, pure nutritional products,” Holland says. “The high level of quality assurance we bring to our products is one of the key factors that sets us apart from, and above, the competition.”