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Athletes and exercise enthusiasts are constantly looking for methods to enhance exercise performance and to gain lean body mass. And of course, improving overall health in the process of physique development is also welcome. Although many dietary supplements are marketed for the purposes of improving performance, muscle mass and health, few such supplements are actually supported by peer-reviewed scientific evidence. This is particularly true when considering the often-paltry dosages of each ingredient included within the finished product. To address the need for a dietary supplement specifically designed to enhance exercise performance, to support gains in lean body mass (via increased circulating testosterone) and to improve overall health, Purus Labs has formulated a new product that addresses these areas of interest.

D-Pol adheres to Purus Labs’ established guidelines of including only those ingredients that have been proven effective in human subjects via oral ingestion. D-Pol’s unique blend of ingredients, each carefully selected for its potential impact on physical performance and human health, are included at the precise dosage necessary to promote the desired effect as substantiated by peer-reviewed published research. 

Through the exact ratio of D-aspartic acid, vitamin D and B-vitamin cofactors, the ingredients in Purus Labs’ D-Pol have been proven to increase circulating testosterone by 42 percent and luteinizing hormone by 33 percent. Additionally, Purus Labs included its proprietary, naturally occurring Nitratene high-molecular-yield nitrate form to aid in phosphate/oxygen efficiency and ATP production at a research-backed rate of 23 and 19 percent, respectively.

While strenuous exercise and optimal intake of frequent, macronutrient balanced meals are paramount factors in the quest for optimal health and physical functioning, use of a dietary supplement such as D-Pol may be a beneficial adjunct to this lifestyle plan. The use of D-Pol should be considered in a single dosage with the largest meal of the day to aid in lean mass accrual and optimization of free-circulating testosterone levels.

As with all nutritional supplements, potential users should only use D-Pol under the guidance of their personal physician. Moreover, because D-aspartic acid (a chief ingredient in D-Pol) has been reported to increase circulating testosterone, women should use D-Pol with caution. Individuals considering using D-Pol should be healthy and older than 21. Users of D-Pol should review the product nutrition panel and label for information regarding the ingredients, dosing and precautions for use.