Postworkout Performer


Advanced nutrients? Check. New technologies and compounds? Check. Fast nutrient uptake for muscular and systemic recovery? Check, check and check. It’s all there in MHP’s new and improved Dark Matter, which speeds essential amino acids, creatine and glucose to muscles for enhanced anabolic response following workouts. But what exactly is in it? Since you asked:

Dark Matter includes a proprietary ProSynthagen Peptide that combines oligopeptides, insulinotropic aminos and branched-chain amino acids in a 10:1:1 ratio, along with glutamine peptides. This amino-acid mix stimulates protein synthesis, spikes insulin release and replenishes glycogen stores in muscle. It also promotes faster uptake and absorption. 

Its carbohydrate matrix (Glycosaccharide-FST) helps optimize insulin’s postworkout anabolic effects, allows for fast gastric emptying and reloads muscles with glycogen. 

Insulin amplifiers improve insulin signaling and sensitivity for increased nutrient transport, protein synthesis, creatine/nutrient uptake and glycogen replenishment.

MHP’s HydroSize multi-source creatine/glycerol complex enhances muscle volumizing, creatine loading into muscle tissue and ATP replenishment.

In the realm of postworkout recovery drinks, MHP’s new Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate is a smart choice for bodybuilders seeking to add muscle and get ripped. The formula exploits recent scientific advances in post-exercise nutrition to optimize protein synthesis and the anabolic actions of insulin for enhanced muscle growth and recovery.

Through the use of insulinotropic amino acids (BCAAs and phenylalanine), glutamine peptides and wheat hydrolysate protein, Dark Matter Zero Carb Concentrate spikes insulin, thereby promoting glycogen replacement without carbs. Added to this advanced formula are MHP’s HydroSize creatine matrix and iAMP insulin amplifiers, all of which work synergistically to help you train more intensely and maximize your postworkout nutrition for bigger, more shredded muscles.