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When Gerard Dente, president and CEO of MHP, began competing in bodybuilding in the mid-1980s, the gym culture was much different than today. “I had to drive 30 minutes to get to the nearest gym,” he says. “And the gym was filled with guys ages 18 to 25.”

But if you look around a gym, one you probably only need to drive five or 10 minutes to get to, today, you’ll see it’s filled with a very different demographic than what Dente experienced 20-plus years ago: men and women of all ages working on a variety of training goals. So what has changed over the years?

“There’s a shift to cross-training workouts,” Dente says. “People are engaging in this new high-intensity training, and these workouts are different than conventional bodybuilding workouts in that they are fast paced and hit multiple muscle groups each workout. But I noticed there was a void in the market that needed to be filled by formulas designed specifically to support the unique needs of these types of athletes.”

So, with his finger on the pulse of the evolving industry, Dente created the X-Fit (Xtreme Fitness Intensity Training) series. The first product, a preworkout formula called X-Fit Trainer, contains high-powered all-natural ingredients to boost energy levels up to 79 percent, improve mental focus and maximize intensity during workouts. Its 3.2-gram clinical dose of beta-alanine increases muscular endurance and lactic-acid buffering up to 35 percent. The 5.6-gram dose of creatine helps boost strength gains up to 45 percent, and a patented high-potency adaptogenic botanical extract (Withania somnifera) lowers cortisol up to 24 percent. Finally, X-Fit Trainer raises calorie burning by 12 percent for up to four hours postworkout.

“Preworkout supplementation always receives such a big focus, but what about the rest of your day?” Dente asks. “Your next workout is coming right up tomorrow. So we looked at a formula to prep the body to go at it again.” Logically, then, the next product in the series is the recovery formula X-Fit Power. This 24-hour muscle-building and repair technology helps stop delayed-onset muscle soreness, thanks to the use of alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid, which also can produce greater gains in lean muscle mass from training. Power also contains a powerful dose of D-aspartic acid to keep testosterone levels high. In a recent study, 87 percent of subjects taking the same dose of D-aspartic acid as found in Power increased their testosterone level by an average of 42 percent after only 12 days of supplementation.

“We’ve received great feedback from athletes who have taken these products at CrossFit centers,” Dente says. “They have a noticeable difference in energy and can push harder. While we’re not leaving our core market of bodybuilders and powerlifters, we do feel there’s a whole group of people engaging in a new type of fast-paced, full-body workout. And this group has different nutritional requirements that we’re providing solutions for.”